BIG RDA for 3+ fused clapton coils?

looking for a huge RDA I can fit a ton of fused Clapton coils in, something that will make more vapor than a TFV12 T14 coil. Something with posts that are good for thick wire such as fused claptons. I don't care if the diameter is huge like 30mm+ and overhangs my mod. It's just for fun sometimes. Something that hopefully is not like where you have to stack the coils on top of each other an thus the <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice needs time to wick upward.
Something not like the two pictures below of RDAs that have…

BIG RDA for 3+ fused clapton coils?

Kylin RTA ?

I am tired of buying coils and in the process of buying a Kylin RTA….I am almost sure some of yall may have one or tried a Kylin……Any pro's or con's would be O'ppreciated . Thanks in advance for advice.
Planning to use on my WIsmec RX200S.

OBS Engine Nano

I got my OBS Engine Nano from Heaven Gifts a few days ago and so far I'm really liking it. I really like the Engine tanks, but like the Nano the best so far. Nice big deck, easy to build on and will accommodate larger coils. It's very easy to wick and no dry hits. I like how OBS designed the airflow for the Nano. It's top airflow, but there is an inner sleeve that directs the air to the side of the…

OBS Engine Nano

Bad batch of Cotton Bacon v2? Hmmm

So I've experienced something interesting today. I opened a new bag of cotton bacon v2 and wicked the same atty I've been using for a few months. Same methods, same procedures. Flavor I was getting was bitter as hell.

And yes my hands are clean and I actually wear nitrile gloves when I wick (have for a while with no bitterness).

So my process of elimination began with no luck:

1. New coils
2. Different wire
3. Different <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice
4. More cotton / less cotton

Then I remember I had some Native…

Bad batch of Cotton Bacon v2? Hmmm

Postless Decks – I Don’t Get It

Hello all,

I'm way behind the times on this but I just recently tried out a postless deck on the Dead Rabbit SQ. Leaving what you are I think of that RDA aside, what's the deal with postless decks? I don't see any advantage over post / clamp style. It just seemed like a pain in the ass with the lean clipping and coils getting twisted around. Not knocking anyone for their choice but just curious about the advantages fans see in the postless deck.


list of Top Airflow RTA’s

Dear VU members, Since I like Top Airflow so much, I want to make a list of RTA's that have.
I could use some help in trying to make this list as complete as possible.

What I found so far are these:

  • GeekVape Zeus | SC | 4ml | 25mm
  • Digiflavor Themis | SC and DC | 5ml | 25mm
  • OBS Engine | DC | 5.2ml | 25mm
  • OBS Engine Nano | SC | 5.3ml | 25mm
  • OBS Engine Mini | DC | 3.5ml | 23mm
  • QP Juggerknot | SC and DC | 4 and 6ml | 24mm
  • Wotofo Sapor | DC | 2ml | 22mm
  • Uwell D2…

list of Top Airflow RTA's

Which RTA?

Considering getting a new tank, but which one should I pick up?
Updated 02.10.18

  1. Asmodus Zesthia – 24mm single 4.5ml
  2. EHPRO Bachelor X – 25mm single coil 3.5/5.0Bml
  3. VandyVape Kylin Mini – 24.5mm single coil 3.0/5.0Bml
  4. GeekVape Blitzen – 24 mm single/double 2.0/5.0Bml
  5. VandyVape Govad – 24mm single coil 4.0ml

I choose these three, most likely in that order, because I like the way each looks and wanted to avoid a tower look with a capacity over 4ml.. so…

Which RTA?

Neutron RDA Drip Tip/Slam Cap

Anyone know of any good top caps for the neutron rda? I’m pretty sure it’s the same as the indestructible rda. Any help would be amazing. The stock top cap is just horrible. The RDA was designed to be used on a series mod but JayBo thought it was a good idea to make the top cap/drip tip all SS. Needless to say, that bitch be getting hot! Thanks in advance guys!

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