Coil master 521 mini v2 issue

Hello all,
I have just receved a coil master v3 toolkit for Christmas and when using the included 521 mini v2 to test a coil I'd just built the ohm meter was in 0 or off mode I screwd my RTA in then inserted a Samsung 25r and the coil instantly glowed bright red anyone else had this problem and how to fix if there is a fix
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Daniel Young

New to Rdas

Hello I'm looking into getting an rda. I wanna expand and get into the world of vaping more. I'm currently using a smok pro color 225w with a cleito 120 at anywhere from 80w-100w. I' looking for recommendations I like clouds and flavor. I was thinking the vandy vape bonza or their mesh but I'm always looking for better suggestions. I was also looking at the coil master kit that came with an ohm reader. Also looking for recommendations on wire and cotten as well

Looking For RDA Coil Advice

First off I would like to thank everyone for their help in my last post. It seems I have a choice to make between the Goon and the Troll which seem to be the most popular choices. Although I really do love the dead rabbit just because it looks sexy LOL.

Now to my second question. I have done tons and tons of research and it seems the more research I do on this the more I am confused or I just get the answer make your own. Due to my situation (disabled with very limited use of my hands)…

Looking For RDA Coil Advice

Serpent Mini 25

I got a serpent mini 25 RDA. I wicked it and everything its pretty good. But i got one problem when i do a refill it always leak a little bit. But when vaping it or i leave it for a day it doesnt. I also close the airflow valve when refilling but it steal leaks a couple of drops. What might be the problem?

Looking for a good RTA for simple builds–vape budget a major consideration

Right everyone, it has been a while since I even posted on the forum. Been out of the loop with the latest vaping trends since I typically build my own coils, wick with whats on hand (I'm partial to the organic cotton make up pads I can pick up at the local Walgreens for next to nothing) and typically use simple builds (round wire, sometimes twisted but nothing fancy).

Anyway the build deck on my Smok TFV-4 finally failed after being worked hard for over a year. And by worked hard I mean…

Looking for a good RTA for simple builds–vape budget a major consideration