Vaporesso Gemini thoughts

So I saw all of the positive reviews on the gemini, bought it. I needed a tank for work so the low <a href="”>liquid capacity didn't bother me. There is absolutely no flavor to this rta. No matter how you wick it… Top airflow off, bottom halfway, less cotton,more cotton, cut at an angle. What a disappointment. Idk why I even read reviews.

RTA larger than Mod Base

Hello guys, I have Evic VTWO mod by Joytech and currently using their ego one mega tank which has a 22 mm base and fits perfectly on the mod. I am thinking about purchasing a Kylin RTA (24 mm base) or Ammit 25 (25 mm base) so both are larger than the mod base, do you think it will look weird or wouldn't be that much of an issue? Also which one of these RTAs do you think is better?

Troll rta can kiss my ass

I bought a troll rta a few days ago. The flavor and wicking are great! I love the style of the build deck too. My big complaint though is that the peek insulator is in a terrible spot. I melted the one installed, then a couple days later I melted the replacement!

I know, I don't need to pulse my coils above 30w so yeah it really is user error that made it melt, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a poor design choice as well. I've never had a problem like this with any of my 10 other rba's….

Troll rta can kiss my ass

Readyxwick and other wicking options

So I've built lots of different coils and have always used cotton as my wick. My favorite cotton to use is definetly cotton bacon its nice any fluffy so it does well at filling whatever diameter coil without having to compress the cotton and choke it. I'm currently happy with my wicking, however I saw the Readyxwick advertised and it seems to have gotten killer reviews. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and what do you think of it. How well does it wick , how long does it last, and does…

Readyxwick and other wicking options

Dripping with an RDA

Do you guys not find it annoying when you need to drip all the time?
also carrying a bottle of <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice everywhere.

I use an RDA but i just find it so annoying so just bought a squonker!

What are you opinions?