Holiday Shopping Rebuildable Questions – *QUICK*!

Everyone post! It's freakin' crazy out there! I feel like I've been at Walmart for 3 days! WebMart!

Okay. The flood gate to my wallet has opened. Yes, I have 29 tabs open again.
I've found the best prices now I need your opinion with the RDTAs in my cart.

Medusa 25MM
Serpent SMM (no brainer)
Original OBS Crius II
Hannya Postless RTA
Ammit RTA
Govad RTA
Kylin RTA
Original Merlin RTA

Moonshot 24 (no brainer)

4 mods, 2 tanks drip tips…

ALL of these are in my…

Holiday Shopping Rebuildable Questions – *QUICK*!

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