Serpent SMM leaking

I'm sure it's user error. Put in a new coil and cotton and now I'm getting leaking out of the airflow. Not sure what I'm doing wrong especially since I enjoyed a week of no leaking since getting it and building for the first time. This is my first RTA. I though this was dang near leak proof through airflow because of how high it is.

Doesn't too much cotton cause leaking?

Frustrated but not giving up.

Spitback, how to avoid it?

I’m just curious. Is there a sure fire way to avoid spitback?
I’m not sure what causes it.
Anyone any idea?
Oh, recently, I got spitback on my Aromamizer Plus (30mmm. rdta)
Wrapping 0.6 Kanthal wire 7 rounds on 4 mm. core came out at 0.33 ohm vaping at 50 watts 4.09 volts Aegis mod.

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Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA Tank

I'm a big fan of Digiflavor, I had the Original Pharaoh RTA and love it so the RTA was an easy choice. The Pharaoh Mini RTA will coming soon, it's update in their instagram, project by Rip Trippers, when I google, I find only Vaporl update for the tank, but the price is not sure yet, click>>Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA Tank, really can't wait to try it out


Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA Tank

Digiflavor Pharaoh

I have a question regarding the flavor of the Pharaoh. My Smok Baby Beast absolutely blows the Pharaoh out of the water in the flavor dept. The Uwell crown comes in second.

On the Pharaoh I'm using Advanced Vapor SS Twisted Fused 32gx3/40g coils @ 3mm diameter/5 wraps and .6 ohms. CB2 for wicks. I don't get any dry hits or leakage, so it is wicking correctly.

Homeslice is set at on XXX, 450f temp and 11% fsk.

Do I need different coils? Please help.

Spare Parts For Sherman V3?

Funny story. I broke the head off of one of the post screws because I'm a JACKASS. :gaah: Unless someone has some sort of crafty way to remove the shaft from the post hole, I'm about to have to spend some money.

Fortunately it broke off in the positive terminal, which is removable, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place that might sell them. I highly doubt anywhere does, so I'm also trying to find a way to contact Asylum mods to see if they'll sell me one, or hell even an entire deck….

Spare Parts For Sherman V3?

Cleito 120 RTA help

I had lost hope on my cleito 120 after going through lots of coils after a day of using them I would start getting burnt hits. But I recently got the RTA for it so I could maybe bring it out of retirement.
Well after trying over and over to wick the pretty nice coils it came with pre installed, I can not get it to wick without leaking.
Anybody have any tips to help me out to wick it just rite?

Got my first RTA and could use some info/tips

I got the Wotofo Serpent SMM. The first go around I had too much wick. I pulled that out after a short time and think I have it wicked much better now. It seems to be wicking much faster and the flavor is much better. I used less cotton (bacon cotton) and cut the ends shorter. The cotton appears to be quite minimal and I'm surprised the tank doesn't drain. I did get some leaking the second time I went to fill it up but that has cleared up.

One thing I've noticed with both wicks is that…

Got my first RTA and could use some info/tips