Goon 1.5 clone flat/Philip screws?

Where can I get a set of replacement screws for a goon clone so I can get rid of these annoying hex head deals? I hate that all of my atties use hex heads and I don't think any of them are the same size. I don't like having to keep up with all the Allen keys, and I need something to put my screwdrivers (from my build kit) to good use.

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mad dog gta/rta question

so i got mine in the mail a couple weeks back and i didnt have all the tools to properly build on it so i took it to a shop where i had a guy throw me a build on it for 5 dollars. he was recommended by a friend and has been building for 4 years. the friggin cotton burnt out the same day. he tried "his own build" on it instead of using one of the included coils i've seen reviewers praise. i also noticed he didnt "fluff" the ends out on the cotton when he wicked it. i expected to be able to…

mad dog gta/rta question

Newbie Question

I have a Big Baby Beast with an RBA and I just bought a Coilart Mage Combo. I've been buying pre-coiled wires and these always (usually) have a recommendation on the package on what watts to use. I'm using variable wattage mods, an Alien & a Predator, so my wattage isn't limited by E²/R. If I'm spinning my own coils how do I know what watts to use min/max & what watts range would be "best"?

Kayfun 5² – 25 mm

Just ordered a Kayfun 5² from germany yesterday. Been searching around but seems like no1 even knows it exists yet xD its basically a kayfun 5 with upgraded airflow. They have a vid on youtube >
To compare> These are the airflow options the k5 has:

  • 1,8mm (Kayfun Lite plus)
  • 2,2mm (Kayfun 4)
  • 2,7mm (Kayfun 4S)
  • 3,2mm (maximum airflow)

These are the airflow options the k5² has:

  • 3 mm

Kayfun 5² – 25 mm

Call me crazy but…

with the little experience I have with rebuidables I think I prefer a basic kanthal build with 24 gauge over any exotic builds lol I've tried claptons,twisted,SS, etc and decided if I go back to RBA I'll most likely stick to the beginner methods I started with..I got wicked flavor and less "spit" (flying hot <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice) with my basic builds..not to mention I like vaping lower wattages (30-40 watts) I just think it's funny that with all the options and advanced things and directions I could go, in…

Call me crazy but…

AugVape Boreas V2 RTA

Looks like the V2 is about to test your love for the V1.

Product Features:
Angled Upwords Airflow
Chimney Tube Adapter
24*41.8 mm With Chimney Tube Adapter
24*33.1mm Without Adapter
Capacity 5 ML (2.5 ML Without Adapter)
304 Stainless Steel
— [COLOR=rgb(0, 0,…

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