Coil Art’s "Azeroth" RTA.

Hey Vapestas! As I'm typing this, I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my latest RTA: Coil Art's "Azeroth"

With that said, Is anyone using this RTA yet and if so, How is the triple coil deck as far as building and wicking?

Thanks in advance for the info and stay tuned for future posts on this thread regarding this RTA!

Good news for fans of Digiflavor Siren, V2 is coming!

I was watching a Vaping with Vic review on the Coppervape Skyline. Out of habit, I decided to read a couple of comments. It appears that Vic asked his MTL viewers to hold off purchasing any MTL atomisers because he's in the know about Digiflavor producing a V2 of the Siren.

So far, there's been zero word about it on Digiflavor's website or social media, but I can't wait since I, along with many others are big fans of the previous Siren.

Digiflavlor posted a teaser on Instagram…

Good news for fans of Digiflavor Siren, V2 is coming!

Scottua The Tank V3

When I heard Scottua came out with a new "The Tank" I was initially excited, I was looking forward to getting it until two things.

  1. Plastic, not glass
  2. $250

You've got to be kidding, $250 then add insult to injury plastic? Nope, not going to do it, no way in hell. I'm certainly not afraid to pay high dollar for quality but I won't be gouged. This is an obscene price IMO, maybe $150 tops but $250 no fucking way.

Anyway here's the breakdown of it….

Scottua The Tank V3

Your favorite 22mm rda

Got a stingray mech coming and just realized I don't have any 22mm rdas.

Searched the web for ideas but all the threads were 2-3 years old and I'm sure there are better rdas out now.

I just saw a goon 22mm but I can't find a clone that ships from the U.S.

So what's your favorite 22mm rda?

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How often do you wash your tools

My question is what and how often do you wash your tools. Do you clean them before each use and if so what method do you use.

When rebuilding a coil, I clean my desk, wash my hands, tanks, scissors and tweezers.

The things that I dont clean are my ceramic tweezers and screwdrivers/ coil jigs. I believe that every contamination is gone when dry burning a coil. However I do touch my screwdrivers and ceramic tweezers and after that my "clean tools" without washing my hands again.


How often do you wash your tools

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