Moonshot Help Please

This must be the most frustrating rta there is. I cant seem to make it stop leaking! The first fill after building doesn't leak at all.

But the second fill makes it leak like a faucet! I watched youtube reviews and build techniques with this tank and it still leaks like mad.

Am I doing something wrong? Does your Moonshot leak as well? I'm about to give up on this rta. Seems like a complete waste of money.

Squonkified The CSMNT

So I decided to try out the bf pin kit for the CSMNT. It has <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice holes on both sides of the deck replacement piece. Used a leftover piece of framed staple wire for the coil. Using it on the custom parallel squonk box that I got from Sonar505 I gotta tell ya, it's a great vape!

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Do you still use SS mesh?

So, do you and if so why?…..maybe this can be a corner where we can admitt our archaic tastes, share some favorite wick ideas,and the atties we use SS mesh in…or how you build different wicks for different atties, different VG ratios.
As for me why do I still use mesh….it gives a bite cotton doesn't,a vape that you can chew on, cotton seems light in the loafers, wispy..sorta like the diffrence between a good strong tobacco cigarette like a Gualoisis or the original American Spirit,…

Do you still use SS mesh?

TVL 4-Post Competition RDA Advice

I was at my local vape shop and got into a conversation about The Vape Lounge (TVL) products, as one of the guys was sponsored by TVL. Obviously he's going to chat it up as the absolute best for your vaping needs, but I checked their website and ran across their 4-post competition RDA that is for triple coil setups.[​IMG]
I was curious if anyone has built on this RDA and how much does it change the dynamics of…

TVL 4-Post Competition RDA Advice

Pharaoh RTA Wicking

So I just received the velocity-style deck for my Pharaoh RTA and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to wick on it? There appears to be 2 holes on top of each feed slot so do I stick the cotton in there or does it just sit on top? Wicking was easy enough on the original deck (just cover the entire feed slot with cotton) but I'm not sure I'd be able to do that with these tiny holes on the velocity-style deck. Any advice on wicking this thing would be greatly appreciated!

Goon RDA

I ordered a Serpent Mini 22 recently and as a throw in picked up a Goon clone. I normally never use pure RDAs, but I figured out a way to have the Goon hold a substantial amount of <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice.

If you use it in single coil mode, point the coil away from you, and only leave the air open on the coil side, you can fill the tank way up and when it sits the <a href="”>liquid completely saturates the deck but when you pick it up and tilt it to vape, the <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice not trapped inside the cotton moves to the covered…

Goon RDA

Aqua V2 opinions ,, yea or meh!

hello .
So I have an authentic coming to me and afore I start to " play " around with it I would like to hear from those of you who have had the pleasure
or displeasure of using one.
any hints, tips, and general do's and don'ts would be most welcome.

sorry , I wasn't shouting just had the wrong font size…….

Wire Life

I bought a Big Baby tank and it has an RBA with it. I threaded some cotton through the coils that are provided and, on my second attempt I've got it to work really well. My question is how long will the coils typically last before I need to replace them. I know I can pull out the old cotton and dry fire the coils to burn off the crap then re thread them. How often can I do this before I need to replace the wire? I'm a newbie at rebuilding coils.

Turning tank over/ equalising pressure- does anyone actually do this?

Hello everyone, I hope you are all OK.

I was reading a review of an RTA, which reminded me of something I had forgotten about myself. This was after filling a tank, turning it upside down to "equalise the pressure" and prevent leaking.

Now, I have never done this myself, and haven't really suffered with leaky tanks.

So I wondered does anyone actually do this, and if you do, do you find it to work to stop tanks leaking? Or was this more of a thing with very old RTA's? Even with my…

Turning tank over/ equalising pressure- does anyone actually do this?