Two Beginner’s Questions

Hi, thanks for helping

I recently just bought by first vape, the Kanger Subvod-c.

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I've tried to do research online, and while I believe I have some basics down, some of it seems like it's in a different language and I need a bit of help.

My first question is, what ohm should I use? I'd prefer a higher ohm based on the pros and cons I've seen, but it seems that for my vape, the highest one is around 1.5. From what I've read, the average is about 2.5 ohms. On the other hand, the coils seem kind of unique. Is it because of the specific type I've bought, and I should just go for the highest available? Would it be the same?

Second, what do you do when it is time to refill the tank? My first instinct was to wait until it was empty to refill it (it made sense), but when it got very low, it tasted burnt until I refilled it. Is it pretty normal (or recommended) to just mix the last few drops of the old flavor with the new flavor? I've only gotten so low it tasted like that once, did I fuck it up enough to need to replace the coil?

I know these are pretty basic questions so I appreciate you guys taking the time to answer them


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