New Dripper

So I'm in the market for a new dripper, just recently got into rebuilding and I absolutely love it! My first RDA is the Lush Plus. I've only been running 26g 7 wraps which comes out to .4 ohms and the flavor is fantastic! But I've been looking for a new dripper and I can't decided between the Petri V2, Recoil or the Twisted Messes ^2. Im primarily a flavor chaser. I'm already dead set on getting a Goon, but between the three which would you recommend?

OBS Nano RTA – Heart Break and Betrayals

hello all,

Excuse the dramatic title… I had my heart set on getting one of these and right as I was clicking it into my cart, I realized it was 25mm. I wanted something to use with my all day banger, the VS DNA200. I can live with a little over hang but 25 is pushing it. So what else is out there? (Single coil RTA) I have serpent mini's, didn't like the goblins… suggestions?

Best Mini RTA?

As the title states I'm looking for the best Mini RTA's out there right now. I'm sick of dealing with 4-6ml+ <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice tanks and the RTA being larger than my mods, I'd be fine with anything 1-3ml, but anything over 3 seems to just make the tanks huge in height.


Some General RBA Questions

After struggling to find some TF8-V8 replacement coils, I'm going to dive into the Baby Beast RBA. I hear the clouds are better and the flavors are MUCH better and their pre-made counterparts.

Anyways, I don't plan on building the coils themselves. I'm going to buy the pre-built Clapton coils for now.

I work with multi-meters on a daily basis, should I still get the Ohm tester (like the one by Coil Master)?

Cotton Bacon seems to be most people's brand of choice. A 10-strip pack of…

Some General RBA Questions

TFV8 Big Baby and Baby w-RBA Leaking – Looking for more ideas…

Ok, so the wife was bitching that her baby beast tank with the RBA was leaking like a sieve.
I stole the tank from her and fully cleaned and replaced seals. Rebuilt the RBA, rewicked and no leaking.

Got by Big Baby Beast on friday … installed the RBA, wicked and been vaping it all fucking weekend and using the baby beast on my RX mod.

Get through the weekend and not one issue with either tank. No leaking, no mess, loving them both.
(gave her the Ammit back)

Get to work…

TFV8 Big Baby and Baby w-RBA Leaking – Looking for more ideas…

Voltrove 41mm RTA (Modfather 40mm RTA)

I know plenty has been said about this magnificent unicorn over in the 30mm modfather RTA thread, but I think it deserves a thread of its own. I just got my tracking in, my 41mm Voltrove RTA is on its way to me right now and I'll have it in 2-4 days and soon after a HoG V3 clone to seat it on. It's called the Voltrove 40mm RTA, but Voltrove stated it's actually 41mm, hence the title.



Diameter: 41mm…

<a href="”>Voltrove 41mm RTA (modfather 40mm RTA)