Build tips?

Can someone shine some light on why i cant get the flavour i want out of my tsunami? I just camt get it to compete with my cleito. Ive tried tons of different builds, some twisted 28g kanthal is the best ive been able to get.[​IMG]

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Coil Master 521 Tab Mini — Another POS

— Just Venting —

This is now the second Coil Master 521 Tab that I have purchase. The first one was the full version (non mini), and the newest release. That unit would not accuratly read the ohms of coils on multiple different decks.
So — I sent it back to Amazon and got a refund.

I ended up purchasing another Coil Master 521 Tab (mini) from Amazon as it was only $18.95. I figured, I had gotten a junk unit as multiple other members here had the CM tabs and have had NO issues with…

Coil Master 521 Tab Mini — Another POS

My first build, tips please.

I attempted my first build this morning. The one question I have right now that someone could help me with is did I use enough cotton? As far as the wire gauge I forgot what my son told me when he dropped it off and I cant read the label. It is reading 0.7 ohms and wrapped 6 times. Sorry I am not as detailed as some descriptions. I will take any tips, one is I know I should spend more than 5 min doing these, Thanks in advance

The Griffin’s single cousin.

Alright folks, it goes like this. It's time for a new tank. This all started because My Reuleaux rx200 decided to start going on the fritz. It's old and pretty beat up. It's not a big deal. I was thinking about ordering a new rx200/3. So naturally, I need a new tank to go with it.

That being said, right now I have the griffin. I love this thing. I'm looking for something with similar air draw and flavor that's on point. The thing is I'd like it on a single coil set up. I imagine it may be…

The Griffin's single cousin.

RDTA / RTA / RDA lists

Wanted to start a thread for comparing RDTAs // RDA that have similarities.
I'd appreciate input on what info would be useful to this list.
Feel free to add to the list by commenting below.
If you feel any of my info is incorrect, please let me know.
Can add pics if that'd be of any assistance.

Hellvape Iron Maiden – 8ml – Velocity Style – 30mm
modfather modfather – 9ml – Multiple Decks – 30mm
Ohmega Beast – 7ml – Dual Post – 30mm
Ohmega Alpha BFT – 12ml – Velocity Style – 30mm…

RDTA / RTA / RDA lists

A list of websites for beginners.

What is vaping?

Vaping vs. Smoking

Basic Starter Kits

Subohm Starter Kits

What is PG and VG?

<a href="”>battery Safety

<a href="”>Mooch's list of batteries and their amp limits

Temperature Control (TC) Safety

Cloud Chasing 101

Vape Etiquette

Our glossary with a comprehensive list of commonly used terms (this is a tiny bit out of date)

If you have any sites with information that you deem helpful to beginners that isn't already included or adds on to anything in this list, drop it in the comments or PM me.

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How often do you build?

Just curious as to how often everyone here builds. I used to build once a week. on weekends i would break out my building stuff. put away the stuff i'm using and build on other stuff to rotate. but lately with all the reviews and stuff coming in and testing on mods I'm building pretty much every night. it's getting a little overwhelming at times lol and cutting into my other hobbies. So VU how often do you break out your stuff and rebuild your attys?


I'm fairly new to vaping, 6 months or so and finally feel like am done with cigs for good . I have a Alien with TFV8, a RX200s with TFV8, also have others mods with baby beast and big baby beast, my go to is my TFV8 with T8 coil at about 110-120watts. I want to try a RDTA and was looking at Limitless plus, would that be a good one to start with or what would you guys recommend for RDTA on my RX200s?