How to stop getting liquid in my mouth TAIFUN GT II

Im new to vaping i bought a Taifun GT II tank and today (fourth day of using it) it started to taste very warm and i had the <a href="”>liquid in my mouth.. I tried everything but i just dont know what the problem is any help?

I have 28 Coil with japanese organic cotton build.
I dont know if u can see it but the air flow channel has <a href="”>liquid on it and if i inhale i get little splashes of <a href="”>liquid in my tounge…

Help Pleasee..
srry for bad english

Flawless We Out Here Doe RDA

Hey guys,

I'm chasing a white flawless we out here doe RDA which my current local vape shop has sold out of. He doesn't know when the next shipment will be in and I don't really want to wait that long. I've had a look at various US sellers ( I'm in Australia ) and they're asking $40 per RDA which is astronomical when incorporating the exchange rate compared to my local shop selling them for $45AUD each.

Has anybody got any recommendations on where to pick up this RDA at a reasonable price…

Flawless We Out Here Doe RDA

VC X1 RDA or…

Hola VU.

I recently acquired a VC X1 mech mod and I'm diggin' it thus far, but damnit none of my RDAs look right on it. I like my shit to be all matchy matchy.

The obvious answer is to pick up an X1 RDA, which I almost did tonight, but I decided to ask for some insight on it first. Has anyone used one of these? If so, what's your opinion of them? In your opinion, is there a better option out there?

All replies are welcome. My only stipulations are that it matches the mod, has a nice…

VC X1 RDA or…

First RDA

Hey all,

I finally decided to go an pick up my first RDA, got myself a Kennedy. I was wondering if you guys recommend washing it before first use due to machining oil and shavings, and with what? This is a copper version. Since the kennedy has the o-rings inside the top cap should I remove it for cleaning?

Thanks everyone!!

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Thoughts on the OBS ENGINE RTA

Hey guys im looking for a affordable 25 mm rta I have a herkales rta now just getting tired of same Ole same Ole.From every review I see the OBS engine is a very nice rta that has great flavor and doesn't leek. That's right doeant leek, my herkales will only leek a tiny bit but with my new mod a hcigar vt 133 I don't want any <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice hitting it . So if you have the engine what's your take on it ? Thanks guys

Smok micro R2 RBA help…

I just started to get into rebuildables and I got the smok tvf4 micro r2 rba and my ? Is it comes at .35 I can change the coil configurations using the appropriate calculators of course as long as they fall within the accepted range of my mod correct? I'm fairly new to vaping about 6 mos and very new to rebuilding and I've done a good amount of research but just can't seem to find some answers especially about this particular device. Thanks for any help or recommended build for this rba.

Tired of poor quality pre-made attomizers – want an RTA

I've had it with crappy coils that last a couple of days or a week at best. It's a waste of money and my throat is real sensitive to burnt cotton and nasty wire.

I've ventured into Drippers, but not something I want to take outside of the Garage.

So, I think an RTA is the solution to this.

I have a couple of requirements, and after reading countless threads, I'm more confused than when I started.


1) No Leaks
2) Flavor as good as a new "Octo" Coil in a TFV8 @ 100watts
3) 22-25mm tank…

Tired of poor quality pre-made attomizers – want an RTA

Hadaly by Psyclone mods

I received this rda the other day. My first thought when I saw it was, "its like a NaRda but better."
[​IMG] [​IMG]

I have to say, I like them both. However, the Hadaly, does have a slight edge on flavor and vapor production.
Additionally, the Psyclone mods, implementation of…

<a href="”>Hadaly by Psyclone mods

Moonshot review wanted

Im interested to see if anyone has a good review on the sigelei moonshot rta. Im on the fence with the moonshot and the petri rta. A comparison would be great. Looking at the sxk clone on the petri and an authentic moonshot can be had for $15

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