building on velocity deck rda

I just got a troll v2 rda to replace my troll v1. I am finding the velocity deck to be more difficult to build on.. and its supposed to be easier. My every day build is usually 22 gauge kanthal, 7 wrap 3 mm. when i install in troll v2 velocity deck my build gets kinda messed up. the end wraps get separated and miss shaped. Is there a certain method to avoid this ? the posts are just to wide on velocity deck…

upgrading to an RDA

Okay, so a few months ago I got some help from you guys for switching from a pen to a mod/tank combo. I ended up buying a simple kangertech topbox mini starter kit. This was fine except it leaked like crazy, until last week when I broke it. Oops.

Now, I've done constant research on building and sub-ohm vaping and all that, so I want to take this opportunity to move up. I know I'm gonna buy the reuleaux, but I want some advice on a good RDA with great flavor and pretty good clouds. Clouds are cool, but flavor is king.

What did you guys start on? What RDA would you suggest to make the switch?

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First Vaporizer

Hi. I really want to upgrade to a vaporizer for better health.

So which device should I get? I hoped to spend around 120$, but if needed a bit more.

I already read some reviews, would an G PEN ELITE be an good choice? (for 85€ like new, no bill) The alternatives I found so far are -Magic Flight Launch Box -Flowermate 5.0s Pro

Looking forward for your advice! btw: Im in Germany, EU

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Looking to step down from a mechanical mod.

I currently have a crown with a mutation drip tank. Its becoming unruly and a pain to carry around in my pocket (tank leaves if I don't burn everything off completely.) I'm looking to go more ease of use. Ideally something with a sub ohm tank, I like big hits of vapor, that uses 18650s as I already have batteries and charger.

Any suggestions?

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Looking for a tough mod.

Hey Vaping101

I've been vaping for about two months now after dropping a 17 year smoking habit. I love vaping, it allows me to hold my daughters without having to wash the stink off my hands and brush my teeth. That being said my kanger kbox mini is getting pretty beat up in my pocket at work. I'm looking to upgrade to a higher powered mod but I need something that is bullet proof. From what I have learned I'm looking for something like the sigelei
150w non tc mod or the IPV 3 Li. I tried to find one of these but it seems most people are sold out or want an arm and a leg for one. just wondering if anyone knows of any mods that are bulletproof without breaking the bank.

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Need help buying liquid

I bought an joyetech Egrip 2 today and i have no clue which <a href="”>liquid to buy when i saw the VG/PG thing. Can someone recommend something?

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Limitless RDTA vs Avocado 24mm

Buying one of these today. Both look exactly like what I want out of an RDTA. Just can't decide which one, lol. Anyone have good reasons/opinions that put one ahead of the other?

Things I am assuming based on review videos….

1. Avocado looks easier to wick. You just put cotton into holes. Limitless you have to wet it and form it to channels.

2. Limitless looks easier to fill. It has a side window for easy filling. Avocado you have to thumb out the cover, and fill into a very…

Limitless RDTA vs Avocado 24mm