That first hit after dripping is awesome… how do I maintain it?

I'm have my first RDA for about 4 days. It's a Veritas, and wow, the flavor is so much better than my tanks. However, I'm wondering if there is any methods for keeping the hits consistent. After I drip, I get 2-3 hits that are terrific, and then the flavor kind of falls off. I'm not talking about the wick going dry, and needing to redrip. I still have <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice in the coils, but the hits are not as flavorful.

I believe the first couple of hits are great because there is <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice directly on the coils, and very near the drip tip, so the flavor comes right up. But those are the first to burn off. The <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice in the <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice well then starts soaking upward into the wicks, but it's not as good of flavor.

I'm just wondering what methods or builds you might use to keep those flavorful hits going a bit longer? I'm currently running a single horizontal coil.

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