Rules have been updated, please ensure you are following them before posting.

I've updated the rule for vendors. Vendor links will be required to be posted as self posts for now. If nothing else, this will help weed out spammers from community participants, as a spammer is far less concerned about following the rules.

I've also removed the rule about 'no unregulated devices'. Me and a fellow mod spoke a long time ago about that particular rule, and how there are many new vapers who get mechanical devices. I think as a whole, our community would rather if new vapers stuck with regulated mods, but we cannot always help that and we do not want to push those folks away from getting knowledge they need to be safe with their new equipment.

If anyone sees a rule violation, please click the report button and specify what rule is being broken. We have a pretty relaxed ruleset, but I'm personally always open to hearing your feedback so if anyone feels like new rules need to be made or current rules modified, I ask that you let us know!

Thank you for reading!

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