Proof of Concept

Yesterday in a moment of insanity or senility, I left to fetch lunch and go banking I forgot my vaping supplies.  When I got to the first corner I felt in my pocket and found ……….. nothing.   I a quick fit of panic I headed toward the roundabout to return to get my stash. But as I approached something crossed my mind and that was I really don’t need it.  I can go about my business and vape when I finish.  But another thought crossed my mind, and that was that banking isn’t a finite timed activity.  I could have to wait a long time before getting waited on.  And then another thought:  This is a great time to see how I feel without vaping at my disposal.  So I went for it.  It turned out quite ok.  I fetched the lunch, went to the bank did my business and they even screwed up my plan as usual.  As I was leaving the cashier shouted over, “Do you want any 1 ringgit notes?”  I said, I’ll have to see if there’s any extra money at the shop.”  So I had to drive to the shop, get money, go back to the bank, get the notes and THEN go home to my vaping stuff.  And you know what?  I mostly forgot that I didn’t have my stuff.  It turned out to almost be a non issue.  I didn’t even think of buying a dreaded pack, or even really keep reaching for my missing equipment.  I got wrapped up in what I had to do and just got on with it.  It’s a great feeling to know that after almost 50 years of two packs a day, I’m really over it.  I have no intention of stopping vaping, because I do really enjoy it, but I think I don’t NEED it.  So cool!





























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