DSE 901-style flat mouthpieces?

Hi everyone, long time no see!


For a long time I’ve been using nothing but ego pass-through batteries and standard or low-res 510 attys. Back in the day when egos first came out I hated their awful, grating and bulky mouthpieces (and attys). And the standard, round 510 mouthpieces are bulky and not to my liking either. The best replacement I found was the DSE 901 flat mouthpiece, which is significantly flatter and more comfortable than either of the above kinds, and any I’ve bothered to try since. The subtle, rounded but low-profile lip at the end of this mouthpiece also contributes to its comfort.


At one point I bought a whole bunch of these mouthpieces with empty cartridges just to have the mouthpieces. At this point however, years later, I’m starting to run out, and I can’t find them for sale anywhere. I’m guessing the DSE 901 style has died out entirely. To be honest, I don’t even recognize the vaping equipment scene anymore, what with all the fancy mods and micro-manage-y build-your-own whoseits and whatsits.


Anyway, does anyone know if I can find these mouthpieces anywhere still, or if there is a similar, if not identical, replacement, that fits a 510 atty? I would be truly grateful for any info leading me to this end. The attached pic shows the standard 510 round mouthpiece on the left and the DSE 901 flat mouthpiece that I’m seeking on the right, with a 510 atty in the back.




P.S. Any general advice on modern, reliable, tried and true equipment, that rivals or surpasses my solid 510+ego battery setup would also be appreciated, as browsing the popular vendors these days almost makes me feel as if I’ve emerged from under a rock.



== Matt

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First Impressions Of The FDA’s Proposal To Regulate E-Cigarettes – It’s Time To Stand Up

These are just a few of my thoughts on the FDA proposal for e cigarette regulation that came out today. We can no longer be passive, and each and every one of us needs to do everything we can to take a stand. If you don’t want massive changes to this industry, NOW is the time to do something about it. Join http://casaa.org
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Well here we are. Everyone knows about the new proposed FDA regulations…..and here is my take on it. It’s obviously all about the money……and Big Tobacco is hemorrhaging it at the moment.


Here is a link to CASSA….the people who truly have our backs. Go join if you haven’t!


And now we wait. We wait until we know our next move. And once we figure that move out…..we ATTACK!
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Lawmakers fume over ecigarette sales
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Lawmakers fume over ecig sales
Texas is one of nine states that don't limit sales of e-cigarettes to youth – a status that could soon change. The Senate last week passed a bill banning e-cigarette sales to those under 18. Five proposals in the House, though different in some details …
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Industry is smoking mad over proposed ecig tax in Ohio
The governor is proposing to tax e-cigarettes or, more specifically, the <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid that makes them work, the way cigarettes are taxed. He's also proposing an increase in the tax on cigarettes, but while the cigarette tax would go up by 60%, under the …
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TV Doctor Hilary Jones Supports Tobacco Amnesty on World No Tobacco Day

<img style="float:left;margin: 0 20px 10px 0" src="http://ecig-forum.com/wp-content/uploads/gI_60953_dr-hilary-jones.jpg” />
London (PRWEB UK) 4 June 2011

A ‘Tobacco Amnesty’ was held this week in central London to encourage smokers to ditch their tobacco cigarettes for a healthier alternative.

The initiative – supported by TV Doctor Hilary Jones – took place on World No Tobacco Day, giving commuters in London a chance to try smoking without tobacco or tar by binning their cigarettes in exchange for E-Lites’ new disposable electronic cigarettes.

E-Lites replicate the experience of smoking with a realistic-looking device that turns a pure nicotine solution into a vapour that is inhaled like a cigarette.

E-Lites director Adrian Everett said: “The response on the day was astounding and far beyond our best expectations. People were fascinated to find that there’s now a credible alternative to real cigarettes that is healthier, cheaper and unrestricted for use in public places. The interest in our Tobacco Amnesty proves beyond doubt that smokers who are struggling to stop, or simply don’t want to quit, are open to new ideas, and just as VHS videotapes have been overtaken by DVDs and digital downloads, we believe E-Lites will render cigarettes outdated before too long.”

Hilary Jones, who was at Tobacco Amnesty to offer advice and encourage smokers to take part, said: “As a GP, I’m more aware than most of the detrimental health effects of smoking tobacco. I see the short-term and long-term effects and have lost far too many patients needlessly through chronic lung disease and heart disease caused by smoking. I’ve seen the disabilities caused by amputations as a result of circulatory problems, again caused by smoking. Of course, we have NHS smoking cessation clinics, nicotine replacement therapy and various forms of medication available on prescription.

“Electronic cigarettes are another alternative for people who want to avoid the known carcinogenic effects and other by-products of smoking tobacco. I understand the addictive power of smoking and there are some people who like the hand-to-mouth habit and the inhalation of nicotine. If they can’t quit completely, then this is a healthier option.”


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The World Health Organization called Tuesday on governments should ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, warning that they pose a “serious threat” to foetuses and young people. Duration: 01:44

New CDC Anti-Smoking Ad Features E-Cig User

Image from page 124 of “The Howler” (1908)
<img alt="smok e cigs" src="http://ecig-forum.com/wp-content/uploads/14765527202_56cd0038df.jpg” width=”400″ />
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: howler1908wake
Title: The Howler
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Wake Forest College
Subjects: Wake Forest College–Students–Yearbooks. Wake Forest College–Periodicals. College yearbooks–North Carolina–Wake Forest.
Publisher: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/internetarchivebookimages/tags/bookpublisherWinston_salem__N_C___Wake_Forest_University”>Winston-salem, N.C.: Wake Forest University
Contributing Library: Wake Forest University
Digitizing Sponsor: North Carolina Digital Heritage Center

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Text Appearing Before Image:
the month—there is always arainy day. 10. Stay (iff the campus after sunset. Follow these directions, or you will anger men. (Signed) Sophomores. ..-^cp :^<^E«PJ^ —^V: Rounders of the Roost Oii.lKCT:—To tinrl a resting- place for all stray chickens. Time of MiiETiNc:—Sunday, 11:59 ■ m. Place:— Paradise. MoTTd:—While others possess we shall not want. Soxc.:Im a natnral-born reacherLike a Methodist preacher—.o chicken roosts too high for me. CiioRfS:Whos that say clvcken in this crowdSpeak the word again and speak it loud.Blame the College, let the Faculty boost her,Im a-looking out for a Dominecker rooster. Yei.i. :—Cock-a-doodle-doo. Ciii.c RS:—Shanghai Ilrown and Dominecker Gray. Officers Supervisor of Feasts T. P. Loveu.ce. Inspector of Roosts Xewish Wrenn. Game Warden Archie Bynum. Chef -DEN McCuLLERS. Forager of Tree Iowls J. M. Brouc.hTon, Jr. Purloiner of Pantry supplies L. Massey. Boarders :Santford Martin. Newish Jenkins.M.T. McBr.yer.Jake Xewelu.

Text Appearing After Image:
CED/CATCD TO THE BOYS WHO SMOK.E CI&ARErrES. College Smoke-Stacks OR Wont You Come and Draw With Me? Object of Orgamzatkin :—To support Duke and his many foUawers. Place of Meetinc, :—On the rustics. Time:—During^ Chapel service. Toast:Heres to the 1)oy who draws his cig. .nd twirls his golden reed:ho proudly walks the street so big. And smokes his favorite weed. The Box Car Boys ( injr.cT :—To save 38 cents. .MiiTTdi—( Inly tile brave (leser-e their fare. SoNC,:— TravfliiiL,. P.ii.L Junes Head Scout. En. TiuiR.v News Butch. [(HIX CvuuM Station Bawler. I.KN. HixES Ballast. Fked. Brow . Ex. Detective. Bkx. Si rckr Berth Manager. Bob Brickhoi-se Assistant Porter. ORDI^RS AFFILIATED WITH THE 15. C. B.S.ru!.i..i.N Ri:.ii-I.Mi I.oNS:Geo. M.,isii.i.i.. j-KE Xeivei.l. Bum. C.:. jollX C.^RROLL. lioxxEV MeiiFord. Jotix P.-.tterson. ()Rnix.RV BiMS:.Xewisii Denny. John X.nnev. .Xewisii Onerby. Fr.xk Kirfees. Xi; isii L^■^ES. 1!e.r M.xssey. Iloth through and l

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New CDC Anti-Smoking Ad Features ECig User
Today, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control introduces the latest member of its “Tips From Former Smokers” campaign, Kristy. Kristy is a 35-year-old wife and mother who tried to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes but ended up just smoking both. Kristy …
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A New Government Anti-Smoking Campaign Includes ECigs
The ad features a 35-year-old woman named Kristy who picked up e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking. She ended up using both products. Eventually she had a collapsed lung and was diagnosed with lung disease. She's a married mother of three who …
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Legal haze about vaping in SE Texas

Legal haze about vaping in SE Texas
The smoke is created by a <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice, or e-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice, inserted directly by consumers into most vape pens. Although the <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice is not intended to be drunk, the brochure notes e-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice can be fatal if swallowed. Linda Johnson, a co-owner of Boomtown Vapor, said …
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