The Future of Nicotine Addiction is Electronic as Smokers Become Vapers

The Future of Nicotine Addiction is Electronic as Smokers Become Vapers
The nation's tobacco industry is facing one monumental impediment to future growth: a shrinking (and dying) customer base of cigarette smokers. One celebrated former smoker who departed this life recently is leonard Nimoy, the beloved actor known best …
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Who Should Make the Rules?
At least five states have preempted local regulation of e-cigarettes. These efforts to circumscribe local authority often have … In the next three years, 10 more states had replicated the Wisconsin law. (In the next few weeks, Missouri may become the …
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Ecigarettes 'may harm the lungs and immune system'
The PLOS One study also found traces of "free radical" toxins similar to those found in cigarette smoke. A lung charity said more research on the health impact of vaping was needed. There has been … He added: "In reality, this research indicates that …
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great vaping smoke

see the smoke…OMG!!!

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

LOT of of uppie-closey stuff in this video, just a heads up :)

Now then, The nemesis is a pretty badass mechanical mod. I said this at least 100 times in the video but I love how versatile it it. Almost everything is adjustable from the throw of the switch to the airflow, so you can really dial this in to vape and look exactly how you want it to. 18650 + a Kick? absolutely.

When the Nemesis first arrived I said “this mod is too nice for me” I was scared to take it out of the house because I didn’t want it to get scratched up. Well it was inevitable that the scratches were going to come, and they REALLY did

Compare these pictures here with pictures of a brand new Nemesis here and you will see how scratched up this got in a matter of weeks.

I’m assuming there is a way to buff and shine this back up. The Mothers polish I used on the brass ring was OK at shining it up, but I have a feeling I need something with a bit more grit to it.

Apart from that i’ve loved using the Nemesis, I dig the switch ( which I see has a new magnetic upgrade kit ) I like the adjusiable airflow. I like that it can use a whole slew of battteries with and without the Kick. It’s expensive *vape budget hands* but right now, If I had to pick one Mech to use it would be the nemesis without question.

Thanks so much for watching everyone! welcome back from ECC and Vapefest.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

As FDA readies plan on e-cigarettes, experts and vapers debate best approach

As FDA readies plan on ecigarettes, experts and vapers debate best approach
At the meeting of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, many were speculating about if, when and how the federal government might regulate electronic cigarettes. FDA officials say they are working to make an announcement by June on the plan …
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40 percent of tobacco users combine cigarettes and ecigarettes, new study finds
e-cigarettes work by heating <a href="”>liquid nicotine into an inhalable vapor. They contain fewer toxic substances than burning traditional cigarettes. But health officials warn that they shouldn't be considered harmless and say much more needs to be known …

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Ecigarette use banned in Erie County's indoor facilities
The cigarettes are now prohibited from use at all public indoor facilities, except at places where they can be sampled. The 9-1 vote in favor of the law from the Legislature follows the City of Buffalo recently imposing the same restrictions on e …
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Erie County lawmakers approve ecig ban
Lawmakers in Erie County have approved a rule to ban e-cigarettes in restricted indoor places where traditional cigarettes are already banned. 6:07 p.m. EST February 26, 2015. ecigs. A person smoking an electronic cigarette (Photo: WGRZ). CONNECT 15 …
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Ecig ban would force smokers outside
Josh Brown (right), of Murphysboro and proprietor of The Vape Shop, exhales smoke from an electronic cigarette as Darius Lewis, of Carbondale, looks on. The Vape Shop located at 1300 West Main Street in Carbondale sells electronic cigarettes and …
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The MAGMA Kit Introduction Video – Electronic Cigarette

<img alt="The MAGMA Kit Introduction Video – Electronic Cigarette" src="” />

More information on the MAGMA kit:

Introducing the all-new MAGMA electronic cigarette from VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes. The MAGMA Kit has been completely retooled into a 2-piece design and now comes in both black and white. We’ve cut down the size to a near perfect match of a 100’s sized cigarette, making it a great fit for anyone who wants their ecig to fully mimic a traditional cigarette in appearance and performance. This kit truly provides the perfect blend of power and portability.

The kit comes stylishly packed in a gift box and includes an M-Pack, 2 rechargeable automatic draw M-Batteries with red LED’s, 2 packs of atomized cartridges pre-filled with USA-Made e<a href="”>liquid in the strength and flavor of your choosing, and all the charging components you’ll need to keep your batteries and M-Pack powered up.

The kit has been completely retooled and the atomized cartridges now have a lower resistance and a better designed coil and air shaft for improved air flow and vapor production. These are by far our best performing cartidges to date.
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<img alt="Volcano Magma ecig Kit (2013) Review by Field of Vapor” src=”” />

Want to talk to me directly? I’m always on:

Disclaimer:This unit is a review unit that was provided to me at my request. All Review units are provided free of charge for testing purposes. If I was rich I could buy every eicg that comes down the pike in order to have a constant flow of content for the youtube review channel…alas…I am not rich…but I’m working on it…I buy scratch offs every time I go to the supermarket…so maybe one day! For now…this was sent, again, at my request so that I could do a review of it for you guys. The person who sent it was aware that if it sucked…the review would be super negative and super fun to make…because negative reviews are the most fun reviews to do!
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North Hills district’s tobacco ban includes e-cigarettes

North Hills district's tobacco ban includes ecigarettes
She still smokes 15 Marlboro cigarettes a day. That's why at the Feb. … quit smoking,” she said. Officials of many school districts around the region have been updating their tobacco-free policies or are thinking of doing so to include electronic or …
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Naperville likely to restrict ecigs to those 18 and up
"It takes these products and requires a license to sell, prohibits from selling to minors, makes it illegal for minors to possess, and expands the Naperville smoke-free act to say e-cigarettes cannot be consumed inside public places or within 15 feet …
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Whitfield busts store selling narcotic for e-cigs

Image from page 15 of “Z. Heynsii Weg-wyser ter salicheyt : onder een sinnebeeld van des werelts beschryvinge den Christen wandelaer voorgestelt” (1629)
<img alt="e cigs" src="” width=”400″ />
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: zheynsiiwegwyser00heyn
Title: Z. Heynsii Weg-wyser ter salicheyt : onder een sinnebeeld van des werelts beschryvinge den Christen wandelaer voorgestelt
Year: 1629 (1620s)
Authors: Heyns, Zacharias, 1566-1638 Vondel, Joost van den, 1587-1679, printer
Subjects: Emblems Emblems, Latin Emblems, Dutch
Publisher: Gedruckt tot Zvvolle : By Fransz Iorrijaensen, boeck-drucker ordinaris der E.G.M.H. Burgermeesteren ende raedt der stadt Swol
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
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Text Appearing Before Image:
t;ï>0 duplex FId cerniiur, alten J^ITJE» Jltaafed M O T IS dicitur cjfe V l d.SiUitur CLidipnorJedhtiliminaC GE LI Monftrat^ad cetermm noi Vebit ufque domum,fojlerkr laia esi, mckx fed tormina mortis Frocrenij ndjiygm noi )>ehh ufiuefinta,Ardla r/4 ofleniit VI^TVTBS, crimina mmflrdl Laca VI dy utfugint, fi)feff^U(iturhomo.Hcxnfjus htc puUhra nobtsptè itud^iae Mf^K S>I Jndieat,hvscMtétende, Viacor,ITE^» E. Schuttenius. ^St^O^en i|em?lt ©at»t-!anM/ DcnöowDet/ onöömcwn^3IS8 €DcHluj8/ï^oop/45cl0of/ en Hiiftw öormgebpt.^to» lacgen tn ^i mgmt Dt^ WetAtti f^n bn^c / t®tn terwn eng en fraai/ na bobin botDtm Uigbcn E.c(ibt na tan l^emel toe hi t nüiQ foet becbl^ben.^en anbcen bteet en baöt mt epnbe mt aijg a^c§ /^en aepfec balUn boet)nt ftDric&Igcfi ilelfr^eapcft. ^in engen ^^mgt uetcdoont/Dcn ta^Den boofe ^aben/ Sl^tebecrielteucn m beeanbec moet Uerftnaben/H^/ns asruie^l^cken Qiet; bitafbeelb na benepj{;i^aor flet g» / eube f^t boo^fii^cig op u cegji. E. S,

Text Appearing After Image:
OLtfertcanwelwcfen menichfalTbcfchnjven vanallulck ccn wciclts dalrccmtduncken maer tngccOdi|ck tevciftacn,Allccndijck ren goeden foo gedaenWant dcM ons wyft.door een gehjckenis,Hoedamghdai des menfchen wandel is,Hoc Godt haer al te voor gherocpcn heeft.En t cleynfte deel doch uytvercoren heeft. Twee wegen (ijnd hiennnevoorgeftelt»Den ccneneng, den and ten wi)t in i vcldt.Eenootfaeck.ditdc menfch in fyn naruerBedotven.kieft het foct verwerpend! fuerIn welluft loeft vol op,cn gtootc pracht;Voor t befte gocttgemack te weien acht.Mi|dendcalti]dt verachting en t vctdnct,•Tvvcickdoorgaenj op denengen pad ghefchi) 600 dattnen meen:de breedc platte fttaeiMet luft betreet en ..ideruv.ncgaetGhyvveyngedandieu;f[vercotcnIijt,Voor alles doch alfulckcn vvandtl mnt. v^iucnoonmcnu met water, vyercnlvvacrtit,Vcrvolgct, jae fteedts ondctt cruys bclvvacrdt. Hebt doch ghcdüft, neemr elders toe ^ïieen mjct,Danft Go U, want i,hy Gjt in t ghcnaden rijckSier u led eynd dccuvvighc vreacht fal lyn,Iiit

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Whitfield busts store selling narcotic for ecigs
FILE – In this Feb. 20, 2014 file photo, a man exhales vapor from an e-cigarette in New York. Using certain electronic cigarettes at high temperature settings could release much more formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical, than smoking traditional …
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Smokers in the US are now puffing both regular cigarettes and tobacco-free e
About 40% of current tobacco users say they use two or more products — and the most common combo mixes battery-powered, tobacco-free e-cigarettes along with regular smokes, the study's primary investigator, Dr. Andrew Hyland of the Roswell Park …
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Italian ecigarette firms say new tax benefits tobacco
e-cigarette companies say applying the discount to tobacco products is unfair, and designed to help Big Tobacco. The firms and industry experts also say the method of calculating the tax is too complicated and gives an unfair discount to Philip Morris' …
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