Probably VERY Stupid…

I have 4 Pro Tank 3 Minis, 2 have blue pyrex, the other two are clear.


Sometimes I have a hard time remembering what <a href="”>juice I have in each…and this probably means I’m an idiot but sometimes I cannot ID the <a href="”>juice with a few puffs.


Does this happen to anyone else?  I guess the easy way is to simply get different colored pyrex….but there are only blue and clear options available in the store.

eGo One, an EDC option?

When I saw this ego One device is in a giveaway event launched by Joyetech on FB, I thought finally all major manufacturers are going to RBA market…

The most outstanding feature Joyetech Claimed is “It has two atomizer heads. One atomizer at 1ohm is intended for mouth inhalers who seek the sensation of taking a puff of an analog cigarette, and the other at 0.5 sub-ohm for those seeking an effortless loose draw for creating huge cloud production“.

Maybe it’s worth a try. I recalled the days I take my Aspire Atlantis and Naut togetther, quite annoying! Now since such a device is on its way out, I think I would take one, for my EDC.

Here goes the Spinfuel prelook video and detailed info:


<a href="” title=”External link” rel=”nofollow external”>


DIY E JUICE and Where to get the Goodies!!! Save $ – by: VapLlovely

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Mt Baker Vapor E Juice Reviews – DELICIOUS! – by: VapLlovely

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Constant Burnt Taste from Vape

This is what I have


Its an itaste MVP and I have had it just over a year. It has always worked great and never had an issue with it before.


Recently within a new batch of <a href="”>liquid I bought I have had the burnt taste really bad. Literally in every puff.


I am using the same flavor and brand of <a href="”>liquid that I have always gotten for many months now and its from the same location as well


I have replaced 2 new coils thinking maybe they were bad but still burnt taste


My P and U settings are always at their lowest possible P = 6.0 U = 3.3


No matter what it always is burnt, I can barley puff it at this point.


Could this be a bad batch of <a href="”>liquid that could be causing this?

I dont think its the tank since I have replaced the coils twice now, could it be the base of this particular tank?

Could it be that even though I am at my lowest settings on my mod could it be pushing to much power?


Not sure where to start here. 

Alright Members – Single Coil Feedback

Hi Folks, 


So a thread was started yesterday as well as a support ticket stating the Single Coil Coils from Kanger do not work on dual coil devices. 


See product here:


Now apparently these are leaking on people who purchase them on their KPT3’s and up. (Dual Coil Devices) However I’ve used both the Single Coil and the Dual coil on the AeroTanks and KPT3 without an issue. Granted the dual coils work much better but I’ve never had a problem with leaking. 


However if this is common issue I don’t want the store advertising it works with KTP3’s and up if in fact people are having issues (regardless of our personal experience) 


So what’s the deal, let’s get some feedback going so we can figure out what’s going on here :)

To Chuck Or Not To Chuck…That Is The Question

I just wanted to add my 2¢ to the “to chuck or not to chuck” topic of recent debate.


IMO, whichever style of vaping you choose, whether it’s mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung, it should be the one that satisfies you the most. I see nothing wrong with either style, and both have their benefits.


If you enjoy a vaping style that feels the most like smoking an analog, then mouth-to lung (slight to moderate air flow restriction) is probably the way to go. If you enjoy “chucking” huge clouds, then direct-to-lung (sub-ohm with low nic & plenty of air flow) might be for you. Granted, cloud chucking is mostly performed as spectacle, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with a little showing off every now and then, if that’s what you’re into.


Basically, there’s no “rule book” on the correct way to vape (that I know of), so it’s up to you.  I typically vape mouth-to-lung, but I occasionally like to show off to vaping buddies with a Mount St. Helen-style eruption of vapor. Just remember that filling a room with dense clouds of vapor can be a little off-putting to some people, so “vaping etiquette” dictates that you use a little common sense before doing so.


Also, I’ve heard many times that cloud chasers experience little to no flavor in their vapor, but I’ve found that this is definitely not the case for me, as the <a href="”>juices that I use provide plenty of flavor from both methods.


Lastly, vape safe…know your equipment and its limitations, and however you choose to vape, do it because it makes you happy.