To new users like myself

Im new to the vaping world like alot of people that join this forum everyday. I want to share my experience with all of you new and old. I have tried to quit analogs for sometime now and decided to try vaping again. My first kit I bought was about 5 or 6 years ago. I bought it from someone I worked with who started selling kits. I bought one for about 100 bucks and was not successful in quiting. So recently a freined of mine who we had tried quitting together several times said he had just gotten a pv from a friend of his that worked at a gas station, it was a decent device and the <a href="”>juice had good flavor. This was a Mistic Haus device. So I thought about it for a bit and bought some other gas station cig-a-likes. Basically they suck. So, I went home hopped on my computer and went to mistics website. They advertised a coupon code for 30% off. Okay, great deal. I ordered a haus starter kit and a bottle of <a href="”>liquid. Withe shipping(5 to 7 business days) the total was about 29.00. So, in my excitement I started looking around online for reviews (should of done that first) and they are okay but the kicker is for a dollar less I could have went to walmart and picked up my exact order without waiting for delivery. Well, I emailed the customer service department and just made them aware that if I can go to walmart and spend less money then what would make me buy from your website. I suggested maybe free <a href="”>juice with your order or at least a lower price than a store. I also had mentioned that on my recipt or the update on my order, I didnt have a tracking number. As I sit here writing this the mail showed up and my order was in the mail box. I paid about 6 bucks for 5 to 7 day shipping, and recived my order in 10 business days. I dont complain about shipping usually, but when I pay for it, I expect my package on time or a refund of the shipping cost. I have emailed the company and stated that the lag in delivery was unacceptable and I would like a refund on the shipping, which I dont think is unreasonable, Is it? Well, anyway, The moral of the story is do your homework first on what to buy, where to buy, and who to talk to. Members on here are very helpful and are very willing to share theyre knowledge, they all started just like any new vapers. This is an awesome community and Im here to stay, I hope you are too!

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