Is Too Much Possible?

I think I have too much stuff.  I have 3 mvp’s, an e-LVT water proof thingy, 3 SVTs 4 i taste pen thingys, several egoTs, countless batteries, chargers of all shapes etc.  But just now after a couple weeks of no use, I hooked a tank on my first VV mvp that I got in April, and although I put it away fully charged, it only lasted 44 tokes.  I only use those pen thingys for traveling because they are easy to pack and use a micro usb to charge so they are very convenient but don’t last as long.  Basically what I’m taking such a long time to get around to asking, like you know, beating around the bush:  Do I need to ‘exercise’ these batteries to keep them working?  Or do they drain down a lot just lying fallow?  Or do I wear them out faster by using mostly one all the time?  I just kinda when I’m on a roll of really sweet vaping hate to change to another battery source and have to fiddle with the settings just to try to get what I already had going.  Thanks in advance for any input or ideas.  

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