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Electronic cigarettes are tobacco free, so they are healthier to smoke than normal cigarettes, which consist of many different harmful chemicals. Smoking can kill and there is no denying that fact. When people smoke normal cigarettes, they are slowly destroying their health. A tobacco cigarette not only puts the smoker in harms way, it also pollutes the environment and causes non-smokers to breathe in dangerous second-hand smoke.

With e-cigarettes, there is no actual smoke being released into the air, so the dangers of second-hand smoke are gone. The purpose of e-cigarettes is to help smokers kick the nasty habit. A site that goes by the name of E Smoking 101 recently launched with one goal in mind – to help people quit smoking. offers <a target="_blank" href="” rel=”nofollow”>electronic cigarette reviews that are 100% legit and unbiased. Individuals who would like to try an ecig are encouraged to visit the site in order to learn more about the different types of electronic cigarettes available. The site has a special <a target="_blank" href="” rel=”nofollow”>e-cigarette FAQ section, where individuals can get the facts. The frequently asked questions cover topics such as:

    The Idea Behind an e-cigarette
    The Different Parts of the e-cig
    The Nicotine Volume
    How to Refill e-cigs

<a target="_blank" href="” rel=”nofollow”> has testers who try the electronic cigarette, before reviewing it. This way, the reviews are 100% accurate and written by real people. A lot of the e-cigarettes look similar, but they are certainly not equal in terms of quality, which is why it is important to read reviews, before making the purchase.

Along with the reviews, also gives a list of legit sites where the electronic cigarettes can be purchased at an affordable price. More and more individuals are starting to turn to <a target="_blank" href="” rel=”nofollow”>e-smoking in order to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

About is all about reviews on electronic cigarettes. Each product they have reviewed on their site is thoroughly tested.’s goal is to help individuals choose the most suitable e-cigarette and quit smoking those harmful tobacco cigarettes.

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  There seems to be a testimonial posted to this forum almost weekly, but usually disguised under someone’s introductory post, and occasionally I use the search function to find scattered testimonials.  Seems to me there should be a thread dedicated specifically to testimonials about how someone’s life has been effected by vaping.  I don’t mean someone getting all dreamy and drippy with their writing, but simple to the point stories about leaving stinkies/nasties/smellies/coffin nails behind.  What’cha think?  Just might give someone on the fence, and someone backsliding, some support and/or inspiration ……. and maybe, just maybe, a bit of ammunition for enlightening the FDA all in one place.  Nah, on second thought,  the FDA isn’t interested in being “enlightened” by us.  What do we know?

Eleaf iStick

ELeaf iStick

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I think it is too early for a full blown review, but would like to let you know my findings so far.


(of course as long winded as I am this will be longer than most reviews)


This little thing rocks!


It is tiny, but fits the hand great with the curved side.


The battery life seems to be good.  I have been vaping all day and it shows a little over half of my battery left.  I have been running it at 12.5 watts all day (4.9 volts/2.6 amps/1.9ohm).  I used approximately 6ml of <a href="”>juice in my Nautilus Mini.
It has a puff timer which I find useless, but interesting.  On my MVP i would usually hit the 10 second limit, but, on this one (which I am running at a much higher wattage) I only vape around 4-6 seconds.
It can be run in both variable voltage, or variable wattage.  If you push the fire button 3 times quickly it switches modes.  When you want to change the wattage/voltage you just push the appropriate button and it will move up or down by .1.  It has a neat feature that when you hold the up/down button then press it again the voltage or wattage jump by .2.  If you press it a third time they jump by .5.  It will continue to move up or down until you press the opposite button.  This makes it quick to change to a lower or higher wattage/voltage. (this would probably be easier to understand with a video)
It also has the familiar 5 presses to on or off.
The display is easy to read and show a battery charge level and atomizer ohms.  The atomizer ohms are small, and on top below it will show you either the watts or volts.  In larger numbers beside this shows either watts, or volts depending on the mode.  If you are in wattage mode it shows the volts (calculated) in small numbers under the ohms, and watts in the large letters.  If you are in voltage mode it shows the calculated watts in small numbers under ohms, and voltage in the larger.  It is pretty cool that it shows the volts or watts based on the other number.  I am currently running 12.5 watts and it shows the ohms at 1.9 and the volts at 4.8.  If i run it to the max,  it shows 15.9 watts which is 5.4 volts.  It has a maximum of 5.5 volts so that is why it stops at 15.9 watts with my atomizer.  To run it to the maximums I assume you would have to use a 1.5 ohm coil.




For $32.94 this thing is a tiny beast.




Light weight

510 connection (Mine came with a great adapter)

High power

Long life

Low cost

An abundance of accessories.  They even have a flip adapter to allow you to fold the atty over with the push of a button.



Small – my finger covers the air hole on the

Short delay when you push the fire button to when it fires (just a split second, but noticeable)

It is reported that it will not do very low voltage.  I can’t confirm this with the equipment I have.

It looks funny with my Nautilus on it…it is too big.  I like the Mini, but hate filling it all the time.


I would fully recommend this device for beginners and experts alike.


Here are the specifications:


  • 2200mAh internal Li-Ion battery
  • Variable Wattage (VW) up to 20W and  Variable Voltage (VV) from 3v – 5.5v
  • Bright OLED display
  • 510 threaded connection
  • Power on/off: Press the button for five times to turn the iStick on and off.
  • 10-sec Protection: Maximum of 10 seconds per drag.
  • Atomizer Short-Circuit Protection: If atomizer short-circuits, the OLED screen show “Atomizer Short”.
  • Low-Voltage Protection: Once the battery is below 3.3V the OLED screen will show “Lock”, which means its time to recharge.
  • Unlock the Low-voltage Protection: The iStick begins working again once it reaches 3.65V.
  • Low power Alert: If the battery’s power is lower than 10%, the power symbol on the screen will flash.
  • Atomizers from 1ohm to 3ohm capable
  • Pass-Thru vaping while charging

No Where Near That

I just posted about quitting vaping because lately here there have been people who’ve posted about thinking about quitting vaping.  People here whose posts I’ve read carefully because they are thoughtful, intelligent, interesting and most of all entertaining.  Maybe this is just evolution in action.   I’m no where near that yet if ever.  I started this just to get off the cigs, and it’s worked almost flawlessly which causes me to digress a bit.  THOSE IDIOTS THAT WON’T LET e-cigS BE ADVERTISED AS A QUITTING SMOKING METHOD ARE BARKING MAD. 


I can’t imagine relegating all my cool stuff that I’ve accumulated over the past 18 months to a museum corner in some lonely room.  Of course I know I could pay it forward to give others the gift of a cigarette free life.  It really is a gift and I pay homage to the engineers and designers who have developed these products so that I can live smoke free.  To me, smoking is like a chronic disease like maybe diabetes.  With vaping, I can live a normal life, but need the vape to keep the disease at bay. 


I’m looking at my lineup of batteries, tanks, <a href="”>liquids etc. and a fondness wells up in my heart.  So, because I just was looking for something to quit smoking and it has worked, and it turned into something so pleasurable, that the thought of quitting is hardly even a seed in my mind.


I pay homage to the gods of vaping all.  The designers, engineers, manufacturers, distributors, sellers, shippers, end users and sharers,  and of course lobbyists!   May your gods continue to shine their magic onto you!

Quitting Yet Again?

I have to admit to a certain resentment I used to feel towards people who’d successfully quit smoking.  Like maybe they were like the rats deserting the sinking ship.  Leaving the club.  Traitors to the cause.  Or maybe just totally jealous of those who could do what I couldn’t.  I would of course cover by saying how much I admired them for their success because to me it would have been the hardest thing I’d ever done, and I couldn’t muster the internal fortitude to do it.  Now that vaping is here I have to re evaluate.  With vaping, quitting cigs was initially terrifying, but ultimately painless.  I’m still totally amazed and awed. Those words aren’t too strong. 


Now, I know this guy who sells CCTV stuff locally and he and I started vaping at about the same time.  I must admit I really don’t enjoy his company very much and used to cringe when he hale and hearty wanted to chat in the pub.  But we suddenly had something in common and used to talk about our successive improvement in equipment, how we didn’t miss cigs etc. and he got into making mods out of wooden boxes and some of his designs were awesome to behold.  The reason I don’t really enjoy his company is that he’s one of those guys who can out do anything I ever did. He can swim farther, run faster, earn more, sell better, you know the guy.  Now he can out design me :)   So he one upped me yet again.  A few months ago he also quit vaping by the time tested method of reducing nicotine content over time and he’s now so proud yet again.   It reminds me of a Reader’s Digest piece called ‘Weaned at Last’  It merely consisted of a series of pics.  The first one showed a baby breast feeding, the second one showed the kid a toddler sucking on a bottle, the third a youngish boy sucking on a lolly pop, then the forth, as a teen smoking a cigarette, and the final pic as a young adult smiling with the caption, ‘Weaned at Last’. 


Anyway that same resentment started to creep in, and I should be really happy that this guy is able to now live his life without putting any foreign substance into his lungs, yet it’s still there in the back of my mind.   Of course we went into this venture with different goals.  Mine to just get off the analogues, and see what happens.  His was to get off analogues and then get off vaping.


Just throwing this out there to see if anyone salutes.


Cheers!  Jon

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