Re: August week deals – by: ambercliman

August week discount, up to 31% off, [COLOR="Red"]end in 24th[/COLOR], Aug, extra 5% off coupon code: [COLOR="Green"][B]va​porg5poff[/B][/COLOR]

[B]1. Copper Morpheus Mechanical mod Clone–$23.85( save 10% )[/B]

[B]2. Golden Stingray Clone mod with Patriot RDA–$26.39( save 10% )[/B]

[B]3. HANGSEN 30ml Strong Mint Flavor E-<a href="”>liquid–$2.76( save 31% )[/B]
[URL="http://www.cigabuy.​com/hangsen-mint-e-<a href="”>liquid-px2d​ril-p-3926.html"][I][U][s​ize=5][color=#0088ff]http://ww​​iquid-p-3926.html[/color][/siz​e][/U][/I][/URL]

[B]4. E-POOL 1600mAh Vision Spinner 2+2.4ml T3S–$17.19( save 18%)[/B]


Wizard stick smoke puffer

We got some of these to test exhaust hoods at the hospital I work at. Would vaporize your favorite e<a href="”>liquid as well . Conservation strategies .com . kewl toy as well . I cannot figure out how to post links and photos any more or I would.

Dripper clone goto.

Last I checked a few months back the Magma was the goto recommendation I got.
This still true?
I did hear its not designed for low ohm builds, will it do .6-.9 ohms fine?
Any airflow modifications need done?

How about a better recommendation? Where to buy it?

kayfun help

I’m going to buy a new tank and am looking at the Kay fun but can’t decide on which one to buy. There’s the Kay fun lite,lite plus,lite 3.1 and don’t know the difference. I see they make a clone that’s cheaper but is it worth it? Pleas help.

tank question

Im using a pro tank 3 and I’m having trouble rebuild it because the tube where the coils are is very hard to wrap a 28 gauge kanthal. Is there a tank that has a wider tube that will fit a good sized 28 gauge coil? I like 2.5 ohm and is it gonna be wide enough to fit that target? I just learned how to make micro coils and works great

August week deals – by: ambercliman

Big discount for mod & atomizer, up to 30% off. [COLOR="#FF0000"][si​ze=5]the first discount End in 4th, second end in 5th, last two end in 8th, August[/size].[/COLOR] Another 5% off coupon code: [COLOR="#008000"][SI​ZE=4][size=5]vaporg5poff[/size​][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[B][size=5]1. Kingfish KY-2 Atomizer 2.5ml RBA–$7.03(30% off )[/size][/B]


[B][size=5]2. Foldable IDEACIG R801 Pipe mod with Mini Atomizer–$27.25(11% off)[/size][/B]


[B][size=5]3. Tree of Life Style Mechanical mod–$17.99(11% off)[/size][/B]


[B][size=5]4. Hammer Mechanical mod–$25.8 (12% off)[/size][/B]




Hey guys,

I just got back from my local vape shop and saw the aerotank mega and nautilus were about 45-60$ … I forget exactly how much but is that normal?
Im debating finding things online to get them cheaper but if thats normal then to hell with it, Ill just get them there.

Vision spinner 2 were 45$

Elego 35$

just to compare with what youve seen or have purchased.

If this seems out of wack, do you mind sharring some reputable sites that would ship[ to canada?


Evod/T3S coils..

I recently bought a T3S tank, and i liked it. I’m usually an evod/aspire girl, but i liked these.  Well i needed some coils so i went to my local vape store to buy some.  Well i got home and the coils they gave me didn’t look like they fit very well, but i went about my merry way, well a couple of hours later my shirt was soaked with <a href="”>juice.  I got the box of coils and it said it was for protanks, evods, and unitanks.  So i called them and the guys said he thought they all took the same coils now.. I’m just saying that those coils does not fit right! The tank doesn’t even close all the way and inside you can see where the middle piece doesn’t sit against the rubber piece like it usually does.  Help! am i crazy?! LOL


monthly clearance– – by: ambercliman

July Monthly clearance, end in 8th, August.
ego-ce4s, panzer II mod+IC30, KINGFISH atomizers, hammer mod, V-tank atomizers, ego-m7, ego-MT3/4, e-<a href="”>liquid would on sale. up to 60% off.


have a ncie day! hope you enjoy it!