Greg Gutfeld. I think he could help us


Thinking about getting some people to help me with this, If anyone could help us its this guy. If we could somehow get him to do more for vaping it would be perfect because tons of people watch his show and he tells it straight. watch how he blast those dems that want to ban e cigs. what do you guys think?


please check it out,awesome to have a guy in our corner with access to the masses!

I want to try dripping with a 510 atomizer. Where do I start?

I have read quite a few tutorials, watched a few videos and I am still confused about what I need.


I plan on using an itaste VV and my ego batteries for this.  From what I have read I need a few things but I don’t want to buy anything that is unnecessary, but I don’t want to leave anything out.




I know I need an atomizer as such as the “Standard Joye 510 Replacement Atomizer” suggested in another post.<a href="” title=”External link” rel=”nofollow external”>…510-atomizer-lr.htm


A Drip Shield.  I read in another post that an ego style was the best for ego batteries (go figure…lol). Like this one: <a href="” title=”External link” rel=”nofollow external”>…/emegodrip.htm


I also need a drip tip.  I don’t have a preference on them.  I have a couple that I use on my Protanks.  Will these work or should I get something different?


Another point of confusion is the need for a sealed 510/510 adapter to keep <a href="”>juice off of my battery.  Is this needed with the drip shield?  I really hate when a flooded tank drips <a href="”>juice on my battery.


If I have missed anything or you have any suggestions please let me know.

Thief caught on camera stealing my ZNA 30 SN#2099 – by: admin

ATTN: VAPE SHOP OWNERS AND VAPERS – HERE IS THE VIDEO OF THE mod THIEF. My ZNA 30 #2099 was stolen from my shop (in Lewisville TX) June 26, 2014. A jerk customer reached over the counter and pocketed it then walked out. It was hard for me to find and afford my unicorn, this was my personal PV. I had it for less than 24 hours. Please if you see a ZNA 30 #2099 for sale anywhere please let me know.

Here is what you will see in the video.

He asked to look at my ZNA 30 and take a vape, you will see me hand him my ZNA 30, he takes a vape, hands it back to me. He then asks me for an item, I walk away to a separate part of our store. You will see him pace back and forth, watching for me, then when he knows I am busy looking for an item for him, he casually walks over, grabs my ZNA 30, his phone and bag then quickly walks out of the store.

Shop owners and vapers be on the lookout for this guy. This guy says he was a founding partner of EA, he has a HANA V2 Serial #2 or 3, uses a Prometheus with a Q-Tip as part of the wick, and says he has a huge box of mods, and he never uses clones.

People like this gives the Vaper Community a bad name. Please share this with everyone you know.

[b][url=http://www.vaperspace.​com/zna-30-thief.mp4]Click Here For Video[/url][/b]


Kicking Nicotine

So once you kick cigarettes and you are free of their crutch how long can you expect it to take to break the nicotine in vaping?  


I know cold turkey and all that.  Lets just say you wanted to step it down with the least impact in your life.  How have you all stepped down?


I am not looking for any, “don’t worry about stepping down” replies.  I want to step it down and eventually get to zero.


What has worked for you?



MPV – juice hog?



Relatively new to vaping – just bought an MPV 2 with a mini protank 2.  I love it! – but I have two issues.  It seems to suck <a href="”>juice like crazy! The guy in the store set it at the highest voltage – is that why?  which leads to my next question:


Is there someplace I can get a user’s manual for the MPV?  Should the store have given me one?  it didn’t come in a box – or with any documentation.  I checked the MPV site and what they had there was fairly useless.  Specifically – the run through that the guy gave me about the voltage and wattage seemed fairly simple at the time – but now I have no idea what he said.  


So – if the crazy amount of <a href="”>juice usage is caused by the settings and can be changed – please give me clear idiot-proof instructions about how to change it.  Thanks!