Innokin, WTF?

Within 24 hours every innokin product I have has taken a crap on me. I just don’t understand. I’ve lost 2 MVP 2 a vtr and a cool fire 2. They only lasted like 3 maybe 4 months. I am very disappointed. Anyway I am looking for a new vv vw box mod any suggestions?
I have like $150

Kanger Areo Base works with What?

Some of you may already know this but… I had to do some playing around with this since I now have one. This is what I found.


Works with

Pro 1, 2, 3, & Areo as advertized


But also works with:

Pro Mini and Mini 2

Evod Tank

Davide Mini


Maybe others… these are just what I had on hand to try it with. :evil:

Efest or Sony VTC’s

So, What is your preference? Or which is “better”? Efest 18650 or the Sony VTC4 or VTC5?

I currently have a Efest 18650 1600mah and am looking to get 1 or 2 more. It last me all day and on days off i dont really put it down.

Just need some opinion’s.. Thanks.

Need help finding a part for Aspire Vivi Nova S

I have searched endlessly via the internet and all my efforts have been fruitless. I need 4 bottom end caps for the 3.5 Aspire Vivi Nova. I can find the coils, new tips and tanks but I can’t seem to find the bottom end cap. In my absented minded state I have managed to drop the V5 and Aspire tanks over 4 times resulting in the threads on the bottom portion of the tank breaking off. This has been completely my fault and should be no reflection on the products. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone ever purchase from this website? Was searching for the taste MVP and the prices are reasonable but not sure about the reputation of this website. Don’t want to make a costly mistake as I am very new at this online purchasing. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

first high end device?

i know i already posted this in the new mwmbers forum, but i didnt know i could post it here, and i think it would get more response here.


ok so right now i have a kayfun lite plus and an innokin mvp. i get a good vape but i want MORE. im thinking about buying a nemesis clone and a zenith clone from but im not sure about clones. ive done all the research i can about a good dripping atomizer, and ive concluded that the zenith would be the best, and i want to get the best. but the price of an authentic zenith is no where near affordable. same with the nemesis. ive read mixed responses to clones on all the forums and in reviews. so can someone please tell me the truth about clones? should i go ahead and get one of these clones? i really want the zenith and this rainbow nemesis looks pretty cool. im thinking maybe i should buy the cheapest clone possible to see if clones are worth it. any ideas?