Panzer Blackhawk Pin

Picked up a Blackhawk yesterday, and I love the thing.  Have a Sony 18650 with my .22 Patriot on top (clear cap and black delrin tip) and it looks straight up mean.  Plus it hits like a feckin tank.  One thing I noticed though is you have to unscrew the pin pretty far so it makes comfortable contact with the battery.  I tried my friends 18650 (red, can’t remember the brand) and it fit fine and I actually could shorten the pin so it was more secure in.  Is it just the Sony battery I got?  Or is there a way to sort of remedy this.  I know not all batteries are created equal but I dont want to derp it up and have my pin drop out and fly across the room, only to be followed by my cat eating it, when I change batteries.

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