Optimal Battery Maintenance

This is something I have been wondering about almost a year and never think of it to post and ask. I wonder if others wonder the same thing. With batteries, both 18650s and ego style (Spinners, Evods, Std non VV egos), is it bad for them to sit very long with a full charge?


The reason I ask is I have now amassed quite the collection of both. I have 6 18650s and as little as I use my Vamo anymore opting to use my Spinners and Evod VVs more I am using about 1 18650 per week. With my ego batteries I have about a dozen and it seems like my 1300mah Spinners get used very rarely. There is one in my desk at work that hasn’t been used in a couple months sitting with a full charge.


I seem to remember reading it was bad to do this so I have started a cycle of using all my batteries to put them at least through one charge-discharge cycle before recharging any of them.


Any info on this will be appreciated as always.

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