Changing it up.

I think it’s funny how I go back and forth between tanks and drippers. For about 2 months I gave up on all my drippers and used only my tanks. Now can’t stand the flavor my tanks deliver and using only my drippers. Does anyone else do this or am I just the odd ball.

KINGFISH X6 – by: ambercliman

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Does this happen with anyone else?

Hi I’m new here and wanted to do a random post…anyways you know those cheap disposable atomizers? Yeah they’re horrible to the point that they make me literally sick. I used one that came with my very first mod  I just wanted to try it out since I never used one of these things and at first it was ok but then it started tasting extremely burnt after a few hits and it gave me a huge migraine and made me very nauseous. I’d rather just stick with my Iclear 30 not better nut it gets the job done :p I was just curious does this also happen with you guys or is it just me? also, why the hell do these things even exist? 

Panzer Blackhawk Pin

Picked up a Blackhawk yesterday, and I love the thing.  Have a Sony 18650 with my .22 Patriot on top (clear cap and black delrin tip) and it looks straight up mean.  Plus it hits like a feckin tank.  One thing I noticed though is you have to unscrew the pin pretty far so it makes comfortable contact with the battery.  I tried my friends 18650 (red, can’t remember the brand) and it fit fine and I actually could shorten the pin so it was more secure in.  Is it just the Sony battery I got?  Or is there a way to sort of remedy this.  I know not all batteries are created equal but I dont want to derp it up and have my pin drop out and fly across the room, only to be followed by my cat eating it, when I change batteries.

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Optimal Battery Maintenance

This is something I have been wondering about almost a year and never think of it to post and ask. I wonder if others wonder the same thing. With batteries, both 18650s and ego style (Spinners, Evods, Std non VV egos), is it bad for them to sit very long with a full charge?


The reason I ask is I have now amassed quite the collection of both. I have 6 18650s and as little as I use my Vamo anymore opting to use my Spinners and Evod VVs more I am using about 1 18650 per week. With my ego batteries I have about a dozen and it seems like my 1300mah Spinners get used very rarely. There is one in my desk at work that hasn’t been used in a couple months sitting with a full charge.


I seem to remember reading it was bad to do this so I have started a cycle of using all my batteries to put them at least through one charge-discharge cycle before recharging any of them.


Any info on this will be appreciated as always.

GS SUB 2.0 Variable Voltage 900mAh 3ml V-core 2.0 – by: ambercliman

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Variable Voltage: 3.0V-6.0V
"+", On press you can increase the voltage from 3.0~6.0V, when you reaches 6V it starts back at 3.0V
"_", On press you can decrease the volt from 6.0V to 3.0V, when you reaches 3.0V, it starts back at 6.0V
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The battery bottom can be adjusted to fit different capacity dry battery
Fits for three different battery sizes:
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