Explain why low 33mhz chipsets arent the best, and suggest upgrades.

I wish I had a local shop with a Provari for customers to try so I could see if I notice a difference over low 33mhz mods. I own a 1st gen Vamo, SVD and VTR and I understand the VTR is 48mhz and I can’t see any difference.

I’m currently using Aerotanks and Nautilus tanks also.
Is it the rattlesnake sound that changes with the higher frequency chips and the coil is fired more and becomes almost a solid sound i would expect to hear when using a mech? I have an electronics background so I’m hoping I have a close grasp on this.

Besides the Sigelei 20 Watt, what other mods in the $100-$150 should I look at?

Vaping PG/VG allergic reaction

Hi Guys.


Im about 2 weeks in with vaping, my own mod and what not. My question is how long does your body take to start seeing symptoms of having a PG/VG allergy. For example, if i was allergic and hit a friends vape, would i start seeing symptoms immediately? or would it take a couple days for a rash or however your body reacts to its. Pretty much after about 2 weeks of vaping no problems, on thursday i started getting a rash on my face and neck with small speckles of rashes on my arms and hands. Am i over reacting or is it possible that i am Allergic?

Help Me

hi my name is michael. I recently bought a ego-C twist along with a Vision spinner. Bothare vv and both are also 1300mah’s. I am havinga difficult time with the charging. both batteries will cuarge for 12 hours and still never completely turn solid green. Does any body have any tips. I am using a wall charger 5.1volts-500mah output to the usb cord which is output at 4.2 volts 650mah. Please help me.

I bought atomized cartridges…

I bought atomized cartridges…for my ego. I bought 5 boxes and it has been a pain ever since. You have to suck like crazy and you never get much vapor ( sometimes you do) but the other day I looked into my ego box and found what came with my ego originally was an atomizer and a little plastic thing full of <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid you just slip into the atomizer. Man did it work great!!!

So I want to buy those again that came with the ego in the first place. Does anyone know where I can get these? Maybe they are in the store but I had no luck or they are packaged in a new product not sure. I apologize but I don’t know to much about these things so any help to locate those little plastic things again would be appreciated. Thanks. :)

Question about my itaste vv

Is the voltage of the battery regulated? When I take it off the charger on a full charge, I hit the plus and minus buttons, it shows the ohms of the coil and then shows v4.1 and through out the day that number drops until it needs to be charged again. I’m confused lol

This also brings up another question.. When showing the ohms of the coil, it has an A in front of 2.3 for the 2.2 ohm coil I’m using. Why does it say A and not O for ohm?

Thanks in advance!

Silly Coconuts!

Messenger_5855470622625777215_1396052985I’ve got a lovely bunch of clearos! There they are a-standing in a row! Pink ones, silver ones, some are even glass! Give ’em a twist, a press of a switch – That’s what the vape girl said! Ohhh… I’ve got a lovely bunch of clearos…..

Starting to Vape again and need to be updated on some things..

It’s been a while and I finally decided it’s time to start vaping again and leaving those nasty sticks alone.  I still have my ProVari and the last good atty I used and loved was the HH 357..  and my favorite e <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice vendors was VT, Pink Spot Vapors and Alien Visions Bobas Bounty was my absolute favorite.


Now I plan on getting a few flavors i like from those sites but just wanna see what new sites and flavors you guys are enjoying these days..  Any new mods, atty’s or tanks and where the best deals are.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated..  I bought the portank 2 from some local shop and the bottom where you fill your <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice won’t screw back in properly, doubt they’ll let me exchange it so was wondering if those were any good or should i go with a better tank.


Thank you for your time