Rebuilt aerotank coil!

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We are part of a local group of vapers, and since I do NOT want to rebuild anything without someone experienced beside me, one of them came over yesterday and rebuilt my aerotank coil and built a dual coil for my husband’s dripper. I also have a dual coil in my dripper (built by someone else in our group). My aerotank has the holes drilled out (courtesy of my hubby) and has a 1.2 ohm single nano coil in it. The cloud is comparable to my .62 ohm dripper! I absolutely LOVE how the vaping community is– everyone is so willing to help out noobs and they take time to help out, and the guys who are showing us how to build coils are taking us step by step, until they (and we) feel safe for us to go at it alone, which shows that this community really CARES about the safety of noobs. (Hello cloud!)

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