Vaping to curve junk food cravings and relieve stress

This may sound a little weird to some people, but I started vaping a little less then a week ago after watching a few videos on Youtube from people who have been using vaporizers to help control their cravings for sweets and other types of junk food. After about 4 days of vaping 0 nicotine sweet candy flavored e <a href="”>juices, I’ve noticed I no longer have a actual craving for candies and snacks and I feel a lot less stressed out then I usually do. I went on a handful of Vaping websites and found other flavors like pizza, bacon, soda pop, and different pies and fruits that I would like to try as well. Has anyone else tried vaping to lose weight/curve junk food and reduce stress? If so, what got you started and how has it been working for you?

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