Problems with duplicate orders at sweet vapes

This is the 4th time that I have ordered Kanger coils from sweet because they are a good price fast shipping and I hardly ever get a bad coil. The only problem is all 4 times my orders have been duplicated. I always make sure and am very careful to only click the order confirmation button once.once I order then go to my email and every time i see duplicate emails come through with two different order numbers then I go back to the website and of course there is two orders of the same item at the same time. I have emailed sweet vapes about this problem. they seem to think that I am hitting the order confirmation button twice when in reality I am only hitting it once.. I am obviously only ordering one pack of 5 coils why would I possibly order twice and pay for shipping twice. I have tried to get this corrected through emails to no avail. the last time this happened they did reverse the charges to my bank and I have yet to be actually double charged. But this is only because I have been vigilant in looking at my orders. I am wondering if anybody else has had this problem when ordering through this website. I am thinking that maybe the fact that I’m using a tablet to order may have something to do with it. I do not know how their website software is written but there is obviously something going on with their order button. They have yet to admit it nore address it…its really not that big of a deal when I’m ordering $9 worth of coils, but what happens if I order a large ticket item from them and get double charged for it?

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