Thinking about making the switch – by: jbeard

I have been smoking cigarettes for nearly 20 years now. It is a habit I enjoy and have little intention of giving up in the foreseeable future. I will have to admit, however, that things have changed drastically when it comes to smoking during the past 20 years. When I first began smoking cigarettes we were still permitted to smoke in restaurants, and even in the local shopping malls. We can barely smoke in public without getting arrested in much of the country at this point, and many states have completely outlawed smoking in food establishments.

The cost of smoking has also gone up significantly since I first began to smoke. This has left me looking for a variety of solutions. I began hunting on the internet for a strategy that would allow me to cut back on costs. I considered rolling my own cigarettes, but that doesn’t help with the fact that I am unable legally to smoke in the majority of public locations.

I was browsing the internet for information and decided I would head over to Wikipedia to see what information I could find there. After a quick search for the keyword cigarettes, I found this page​igarettes. I was intrigued to discover that one of the ancestors of the modern cigarette was called the papelate and came from Spain. It claims that we can view what these great grandparents of the modern cigarette look like in paintings by Goya such as La Cometa, La Merienda en el Manzanares, and El Juego de la pelota a pala.

I have a book I purchased in Spain on Goya 20 years ago with copies of these paintings in the book. I found this ironic as I come full circle looking to solve a problem that began 20 years ago for me. I came across the modern invention of e-cigarettes. I have seen these at my local convenience stores, as well as on the internet. I came across that is one brand of these types of e-cigarettes. Can I smoke these things in public and enjoy a cigarette after a meal in public again?

I thought I would come and get real world opinions of the products and see what you folks could offer in terms of advice. Who here has compared these types of e-cigarette products with the real deal. Before I invest money into purchasing the necessary products, I would like to know if they come close to the taste and feel of a real cigarette. Anyone who smokes knows that it is challenging to replace a real cigarette, but if these e-cigarettes are at least close to the real thing I would be happy.

I would imagine that the money saved makes this option well worth the investment. I also like the idea of being able to smoke at a restaurant and out in public again without getting tackled by the police and arrested as though I were doing drugs in public.

Working out and Vaping

Does anyone here regularly work out at the gym? What have been your issues or successes with it? I worked out today and felt pretty out of breath. I’ve only been Vaping for a few days. Before this I wasn’t smoking cigs. Do ecigs typically cause the same chest and lung symptoms as smoking analogs?

Ego twist to vamo

Im kinda new to the vape world but have been anolog free for 3 weeks from using my ego twist with a pt2 and pt2 mini. Im looking atvgetting a vamo v5. Im just looking for input if u think thats the right move. I plan on using the ego while im out and the vamo while im home. Like I stated before I have the pt2 and the mini. Will those work well with the vamo?

had to share my igoW clone project

So i bought it a few days ago from a local b&m for like 20$ bucks with some wick material(silica, cotton, and mesh) the guy threw in with. So first thing done was at the shop drilled out 3mm air holes. Got home wicked the bad boy up with a 28g micro coil at .5 with some cotton. Great vape production but laking in flavor. Next day just used it as is playing with it but no flavor change. Had Sunday off work so i touched the top cap and its now blue purple colors. Im in love the purple, favorite color.

Today the vapemail was kind enough to restock my kanthal supply. So i ripped out the old coils and did a 11wrap nano dragon coil on a.8mm screwdriver(clone has no wire trap so dual is a pain to trap under that tiny screw on center). Get my cotton wicked for the dragon and have a vape. Great vapor but not there yet. So im looking around and thinking see this one inch drip tip it came with and some old protank coil insulaters and boom lets chamber the drip tip. So i shove one in the top and bottom. Take a vape and in granted the bliss of flavor and rocking a human fog machine effect. The igo is back in action as work force

Battery Charging Problem -I need some help.

I am currently using a Kamry 18350 battery. Its less than a month old. Along with a new charger. When I first bought it, I would plug in the charger and the light was red. Then after a while it would turn to yellow, then green when the battery was fully charged. Now even when I plug it it the light just stays green even with no battery in the charger. What is going on? Does anyone have any ideas? Just wondering if my charger is fried or is it my battery? Thanks in advance.