Problem with Maraxus Mod and Protank 3

My new Maraxus mod clone came in today, and I was very excited to try it out with one of my Kanger Protank 3’s (only tanks I have). Much to my chagrin, they don’t immediately play very well with the Maraxus. See, the Maraxus has an odd center pin. It’s not flat like most I’ve seen. It has this cylindrical protrusion that fits inside the Kanger’s connection hole. The Maraxus’s pin, with the 18650 battery in it, has no play whatsoever. This leads to the pin pushing the bottom piece of the dual coil up into the housing and either A: hindering its connection, or B: cutting off air flow which makes it not work.

I put a rubber ring around the pin and between it and the battery as a spacer, and it allows the pin to move enough to make a satisfactory connection. It works fine. However, it still pushes the bottom piece of the coil up into the housing somewhat. I’m looking at this as a sort of temporary fix. Without the spacer, and the pin being stationary with no play, would I be able to find a 510 to 510/ego adapter that wouldn’t be hinder by the cylindrical nature of the pin?

I’ve seen a lot of 510-510/ego adapters online, but the bottom connection piece is usually only slightly visible in the pictures and seem to vary. Would just any ol’ adapter suffice?

(Sorry if the picture is huge, it won’t let me re-size it)

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