kpt2 clone unit heads :) yes i know double post just reaching out farther.

ok so i bought a set up for my brother off fast tek to try and get him to stop ciggs and switch, evod 1100 mah spinner along with a kpt2 clone or  knockoff if you will ( didnt want to spend alot because not sure really if he will make the jump) anywho the coil that came in the single unit was garbage burnt out in mins, no issue i can just rebuild one of the hundred coil units i have. so rebuilt one at 2.5 and screwed it into the base and went to screw it into the tank and would you believe the coil unit post is too wide. so does anyone know where to find coil units with a skinnier post. the tank works great actually except for that part. i can always just rebuild that ONE head but who wants to always do that, not me. say it burns out when he’s out and about or in a hurry always nice to have that spare not a rebuild kit on hand. so yea. also posting this in the general ecig threads too see if i can get more input. thanks guys. :flower: :wallbash:

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