Altria Mark10 and so it begins

Got a free charger from Altria in the mail for the Mark 10 ecig.I have been getting Marlboro coupons for a long time so I am on their mailing list. Altria has been test marketing in Indiana and is getting ready to open up its market share. The Mark 10 is sold a disposable for around $10.00 that you can buy an optional charger and prefilled carto’s for. Haven’t seen the prices for those yet or tried it out either. It appears 510/306 carto’s and atties will fit the batteries judging by the fact a 510 charging extension fits into the charger. I didn’t check for continuity but it was a pretty good fit. Once “Big Tobacco” geared up I expect things to start getting interesting.Any body else ?

Protank 3 and Davide mini

I recieved both of these for christmas and I am wondering what kind of devices I could get to use with these to get the most out of them. Any suggestions? Also, I am wanting to get so <a href="”>liquids, I have just been buying locally at the store here just tobacco flavor. I am a little hesitant to branch out to fruity flavors, so sugesstions?

Removing flavor wicks problem

I have a question I probably could find but wanted to ask about anyway. Everyone that knows me here knows my woes with my favorite <a href="”>liquid supplier switching to an all VG base and it changing the flavor. First draw is heaven, second less tasteful, third burned. I have to let it sit for a while before I do not get a dry hit or take several non powered pulls to prime it before I heat the coil. Either way it was getting old so I tried what was suggested by a few people of removing flavor wicks from my KPT2 coils.


Here is my question. When I did this last night I was like HOLY CRAP this is awesome. All night long it wicked great, tasted like the <a href="”>liquid I used to love, everything worked fine. In comes the problem. This morning my tank had flooded to the point I couldn’t hit it. I blew it out holding it upside down and it would hit a few times then just flood again. Long story short, I did something wrong lol.


On the top of the coil when I remove the rubber cap there are two distinctly smaller wicks on top of a larger wick. I removed both of the smaller wicks and slid the cap back down. What did I do wrong? Should I only remove one? Did I miss a step or is this just the risk you take when you mess with these things?



Rookie Question – New Twist for Christmas Really?

I recieved a Twist for Christmas…I was going to post a picture on here because it is so pretty but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Anyway, pretty is nice, but I would really like to know WHAT THE HELL to do with it. I get great Vapor from it, exellant throat hits so I love all that, but I am just turning the twist at the bottom and don’t realy know what I am doing. Could someone shed some light on this. Oh, BTW it came with this matching tank….Really? but no instructions….. :wallbash:

SID owners… which battery do you use?

Picked up a SmokTech SID about a week ago and a Samsung 3000 mAh battery to go with it. At certain temperatures the battery will slide into the tube without a problem but more often than not, it’s a very tight fit. A couple days ago the battery wrapper tore so I went to a local B&M and tried several batteries and they were all tight.


Which batteries are SID users using?


FWIW, I picked up an 18350 and a short battery tube for an eVic / ego-T and it fits the SID fine so at least I’ve got a mini SID to get me by.

Throat hit?

Okay, despite vaping six months succesfully, I never really GOT thrat hit. I’m frannkly not enntirely sure I’ve experienced it. What’s kept me going back to <a href="”>juice is is that it tastes so mmuch better than analogs, and I still get my nicotine, although I think I may have decreased that too much, too soon, which may explain the chain vapin and constant need to drink – milk, water, soda, whatever, ecxept when I drip samples, which should be lower because the nic hits harder, right?

Of course, I did get TH with analogs. And yes, I’m doing lung inhales, generally exhale through my nose.