Charger not working?

So my vision Wolnt connect to my charger? When I try to twist it in it dosent twist in? It just keeps spinning and dosent connect, the other day I got it to connect and the light turned on and charged, but today when I tryed to do the same thing and it connected the charging light wouldn’t come on, the only way it charges now is if I push down on the charger and manually hold the charger pushing down into the battery for it to chargePosted Image

And we thought my luck was good

I have been waiting so patiently (not really) for SweetVapes to have a holiday sale or codes. Well, here it is, 20% off hardware and I think 30% on <a href="”>juice. The bummer is the sale is until Monday only. I get paid every other Friday and this Friday was not my payday Friday. Dang, I was going to get 4 of the 1300 rainbow spinners and 5 packs of KPT coils. At the sale price I could get all that for right at $100.00. It’s times like this that I really miss getting paid weekly.  :crybaby: