Couple Kanger clearomizer questions

Okay couple Kanger T3S/MT3S questions. 


First off – <a href="” title=”External link” rel=”nofollow external”> this looks EXACTLY like the MT3S, as far as I can tell, but the closest it says anywhere close to an actual name is tabac.  Reason I was looking at it is because of the price.


But then, that brings me to my second question.  For Kanger type clearomizers – the Evod types, the T3S/MT3S type – I mean, I know having the Kanger brand coil is important, but is it as important to have the Kanger brand clearomizer and not a knock off?  Reason I was asking, you can probably guess.  It appears that the only one of the four local B&Ms that don’t charge $10 for it, it appears is selling knock offs (the same place that is selling knock off Evods, and knock off coils).  Now the knock off Evods I got from them, I’ve not had a problem with, but the knock off coils have been a bit more problematic, and I won’t be getting coils from there, anymore.  Premier Vapor is closer to get coils from anyway in a pinch.  But all the local stores have T3S coils at $10 a 5 pack, so it would be cheaper to order them online and pay the shipping even.


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