Micro Coil, Cotton Wick KPT2 Build

I’ve had a few people here, and elsewhere who were curious how I built my cotton wick and micro coil for the Pro Tank 2. It’s super simple. Here is a quick step by step.


Needed :

– 5/64 drill bit

– Sterile Cotton Ball (boiled or unboiled, your preference)

– 28g Kanthal

– Tweezers

– Torch or lighter, but a torch is preferable, as it burns cleaner and hotter.


1.) Start your wrap around the drill bit.




 I did 12 wraps to achieve 1.8ohm




2.) Compress coil with tweezers. Heat with torch for a good 10 seconds. It should hold its’ compressed state after cooling.




Coil is ready to go.




3.) Insert coil back into the head. Just like Rixter showed, keep one lead outside of the insulator and one through the middle. That insulator is there to keep them from coming in contact with each other. Insert metal pin.




(Please refer to Rixters’ tutorial for all the details, as this is just a quick look at the coil and wick.)


4.) Pull apart some cotton. Use a thin piece.




Roll cotton between fingers. You may find that licking or slightly wetting your fingers helps to roll it better.




5.) Insert cotton wick through coil. Trim off excess.




6.) Roll a similar piece and lay over the top of the coil. Add some drops of <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice to saturate it.




7.) Pop the stem back on.




You are ready to roll. Flavor heaven awaits, and it should be easy to just replace the cotton when needed, without needing to remove the coil.


Please don’t try this if you aren’t sure about building coils yet.









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