Okay, I was under the impression from SOMEWHERE that atomizers were only for dripping. But hubby got the fogger, and he says THAT’S an atomizer, and he’s looking at a couple other rebuildable atomizers. He said they are (RBA’s) are basically just a rebuildable tank? Or am I not understanding, or is he explaining badly?

Could someone just break it down for me?

Weird leaking/gurgling/flooding (?)

Okay, I’ve not noticed this with my other KPT’s, but I’ve noticed this two nights in a row on this one because I’ve been vaping my honey wood/turkish honey two evenings in a row when the tank level got low.  Both times, it started gurgling – to the point that <a href="”>juice splashed up through the vape tube on my lip, I unscrewed the tank, and there was <a href="”>juice in the drip well, and when I would blow down from the drip tip, holding the tank over a paper towel, <a href="”>juice would come out for a short time.  Don’t know what the deal is…..but when I fill the tank, the problems go away.  Anyone have any info/experience with this?


Confused on micro coils

I have been trying to make a micro coil for my davide for a few days now.  I have been experimenting with different number wraps and different diameter core.  I have seen tutorials out there that they get around 1.8 ohm out of it.  How are they doing this?  Any of the coils I have done somehow end up at around 3.5-4 ohm.  I have to get this figured out because when I ordered my mom her first starter kit last night she surprised me with buying me an AGA-T2 rba.  I am really excited because I feel as if im not a beginner anymore.  I rebuild the coil on my davide all the time now.  I guess the next trick is me figuring out how to make a stainless steel wick right and not blowing out my e-vic.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


BTW I am using 32g kanthal A-1 annealed wire.

Weird taste

So I have the vapors tongue maybe I think.. I have a kanger pro tank 2 with vision spinner and I just got some cinnamon bun from mount vapor. I dripped it first amazing.. so I put it in my tank, still very strong but now not much and seems to be a weird plastic taste… What’s going on is it my taste buds?

Burnt taste

So I have a ego-cc, earlier today while I was using it, it worked just fine I noticed a bit of a sizzle and I’m guessing it’s the <a href="”>juice that’s being heated also while I was vaping I noticed like a bubble sound. Also didn’t think much of it. About 3 hours later I picked it up to use it and noticed the taste, I have Blue Hawaiian flavor by the way, it now taste like a burnt flavor. Earlier it was rich in sweet flavor and not anymore. Any idea what it might be or what I can do? I’m very new to this. Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong area.

Advice please regarding my mini davide

Good morning again, well not really. It is one of those mornings when nothing seems to be going right and the thought keeps hacking at me to just say —- –, I’ll just go down to the closest convenient store and get a pack of smokes. I never had all this difficulty when I used analogs. I am trying so hard but right now I just washed my Protank so I cannot use that yet, same thing with my Vivi Nova and the brand new Davide I have been saving for my new <a href="”>juice does not fire up at all. So I cleaned my new <a href="”>juice out of it so I can try another coil and the tank part came off of it. That is when I noticed that it is plastic like the Vivi Nova. It is not glass like the Protank AND it will not go back onto the metal parts. It does not screw in, there are no ridges around it so I cannot figure out how to put it back on. I did not take it off, it just came off while I was washing it. I bought it from Discount vapors and it says it is Vapeonly on the package and sales slip. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I do have a CE5 that has some of my old (don’t like so much) <a href="”>juice in it but it is half clogged up and like Carter says “you have to pull on it like a thick milkshake”. As I’m sure you can tell I am extremely frustrated and THAT is when I back slide.

GS-H2 Tank?

I was at my B&m today looking over their hardware and they had a new tank! Something I’d never seen or heard of before. Anyone else heard of these? Are they any good? It hits well and delivers flavor but it seems like the vapor production is lacking. Also it’s leaking into the center post quite a bit which I’m hoping is just because it’s the coil that it came with.

Do new coils need time like the wicks do?

Hey all. When I first got my Vivi Nova I learned that when I first filled it up or after a wick change you needed to let it sit for a while to “wick up”. My question is, with these coils that go in the Protanks and Davides do they need to sit also? I would not think so because there in no wick involved but I would rather ask so I don’t burn anything up. Thanks for you patients with my learning process.