Is there any reason a <a href="”>liquid from one supplier would fill the tip with condensation after a very short use and another would not produce a drop after vaping a half a tank? I use a lot of clear mouthpieces and there is one particular suppliers <a href="”>liquid that produces a huge amount of condensation and another that produces very little at call.

Wattage vs Voltage

OK I understand with the Vamo I can set it to wattage instead of voltage. How does that work? I mean, I am not an electronic guru at all so explain it like I am a child. With all my <a href="”>liquids I vape some at 2.2ohms @ 3.7-3.8v and others I use 2.5ohm @ 4.0-4.2v. What wattage should this convert to?


Based on my calculations, most likely wrong, that would be somewhere around 7 watts? "The E-Cig Traveler: To Vape Or Not To Vape (And Where)"

Wanted to pass this on, considering how little the traditional tech press covers e-cigs. Thought this might be a good primer for newbies traveling this weekend with their vapes: 
<a href="” title=”External link” rel=”nofollow external”>The e-cig Traveler: To Vape Or Not To Vape (And Where)
<a rel="lightbox[167218]" href="" title="johnny-depp-e-cig.png – Size: 396.1KB, Downloads: 4″><img class="attach" itemprop="image" src="" id="ipb-attach-img-2578-0-61825200-1377921622" style="width:100;height:67" width="100" height="67" alt="johnny-depp-e-cig.png” />
It covers a couple of the recent developments, though it’s not a comprehensive tutorial. So if you have any thoughts on this topic or advice to share, please add comments to that post. Anything to help people, particularly new vapers, deal with their weekend travel. 
Also, if there’s enough traffic on this post, the site may do more e-cig-related stories. (This is the second one on the site.) Just a thought. 
Happy Labor Day weekend, everybody!

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Re: ego kit and xvape kit giveaway – by: 99mitsubishi

i do the juicy fruit with menthol. dueling apple, kahula and cream are great <a href="”>juices!!! just saw sale going on. labor day weekend today until 9-3…ego twist battery 1100mah ONLY $18, igo 3 kit ONLY $48, V V ego 650 battery, ce4, usb cable (blister pack) ONLY $15…everything is FREE SHIPPING. no coupons or codes needed. don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY>>>only 12 days left to enter. As always all the <a href="”>liquid is buy 2 get 1 free. 5ml samples are only $2.50 (3 or 5 pack) you can get 90ml upto 3 flavors for ONLY $26 110 flavors to choose from,…

Re: Another ECF refugee – by: Reinere

I left ECF as a supplier as well. I run I mostly sell Vaporking and Kanger (When i can keep them in stock)

The ECF staff was very condescending to me (Being a small one man show) they put a huge amount of restrictions on me. And after I started a thread asking the members what they like to see in an online shop I was immediately banned. I never even gave my company or web address.

I thought of appealing to this then I thought to myself, screw them.

And I found this place!

So lksquirrel I definitely understand where you are coming from.