eGo twist vs Mods?

For the past couple of years I’ve been using an ego c-twist with clearomizers and they’ve worked great, but my current set is barely holding a charge and I’m considering trying something different like these “mods” I keep reading about. My question is, what makes something like a vtube, provari or other mod so much better than a VV ego? Do they last longer or produce more vapor?

What is considered to be the top mods and why? If I’m going to buy one, I’d rather go ahead and spend the money for the best of the best. What would you suggest and where can I find it for a fair price?

Also, I’ve been using ce4 clearomizers. Do these still work with mods like the provari? If not, what’s a good clearomizer or tank that will work?

Sorry for all the questions but I’d really like to be well informed before I invest in one of these.

Ego knock off?

I bought what I thought was an ego c starter kit from eBay for $25.(extremely new to all of this). After a couple of days the battery quit holding a charge so I contacted the seller (many transactions, 100% positive feedback). She apologized saying that happens @maybe 1/500 times and quickly shipped another battery with no questions asked. 72 hours later, I started having the same issue. Realized that when the atomizer was not on,the battery seemed to be operating normally and after doing research came to the conclusion that it was a bad atty. purchased some replacements made for ego c/t and when I got them and tried to attach one to a battery they were much wider, therefore unable to screw in. Contacted that seller and he offered a full refund but did say he tried them in an original joyetech ego c and they fit perfectly. Also offered to give me a great deal on another vape (voltage regulated with LCD screen). Don’t think he was lying.
So I asked the battery seller what size she sold me and she said they were “1100mAh ego ce4 ego t ego c.” I did see one review follow up saying his broke and that it was a 900 not an 1100…
1.) would affect the size of the atty?
2.) how can I check on this without having to bring it into a shop?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thx in advance.

super ohm

I found this site called superohm, they have a couple of the things I have been looking for at a great price, which scares me. Has anyone purchased from them before? If so, did you have any issues with the service/product? Thanks guys!

Re: come tell us about yourself – by: Mrs. G

I see this thread hasn’t had much activity on it in a while but I’ll post anyway. So Hi everybody, my name is Sharon.
I’ve been smoking for 25 years and have toyed with quitting off and on. Recently I decided that I really, REALLY needed to quit. The problem is that I have a disease that stress causes to flare up at times (CRPS). The flares are incredibly painful and I spend much time in hospital when they happen. So, the stress of quitting cold turkey was not an option. Cutting back on regular smokes was just not going to happen. When I "discovered" vaping it seemed like just what I needed. I can step down the level of nicotine and still get the physical and psychological "fix" that smoking gave me. This has been a life saver. I won’t ever stop vaping. I just won’t have the nicotine in my body. I’m one enough medications as it is and the extra chemical isn’t helping. I’m so thrilled to have found this community on line.
My condition has already banished me to a wheelchair and that is isolating in itself. Smoking isolates you further and makes you smell like an ashtray. Vaping….I retain the social aspect, meet others with the same interest, and don’t smell like I crawled out from the bottom of a communal ash tray! Looking forward to learning all I can about my new found hobby!

Another ECF refugee – by: lksquirrel

Hi nice people. 🙂

At ECF I’m a supplier associate. Because of their extensive rules and ridiculous attitudes I am not allowed to participate as part of the vaping community. I do NOT want to be a vendor here. I do not own the company. I answer the phone and take care of the stupid, useless forum at ECF. My company does not and will never advertise here. We do not sell anything 99% of you would even want. Trust me on that. If anyone wants more specific information I am happy to give it. But all I want is a place I can talk about vaping, show off my new toys and the stuff I make for them and possibly be of service to newbies or anyone else. I will not talk about the company I work for unless someone has a private question. i will not display links in my signature or anywhere else that point to my company. But I don’t want to have to pretend to be someone else and I’ve been on ECF for several years so it’s likely that someone here will recognize me. I figured it is better to be up front and honest at the beginning. I am basically a shameless hussy with no brand loyalty …I buy just about anything from anyone…LOL. I want to be able to share the cool things that I find …or the great prices…..or that special out of stock item that just came back in stock….without being accused of….well….I really don’t know WTF they think I’m trying to do when I post about those things. It can’t possibly benefit me or my company to give links and kind words about other vendors. But the attitude of distrust is so pervasive there seems no way to overcome it. I just want a nice, friendly place where I can be part of the gang. Can I do that here?

Favorite glass tank and why …..

Ok So I christened a plastic ce4 with a cinnamon <a href="”>liquid lol .I knew better I just *thought* I could try the cinnamon vape a few times then dump it out and wash the tank real quick and be ok . so yeah ,no you need a glass tank . I got a busy and forgot about it and started dinner and the thing is all cloudy and Im so damn ocd I had to put it in the cabinet So I couldnt see it ,It just bugged me to much I tried everything to clean it .

I know about the kanger 1 AND 2  I was just wondering if there were other glass tanks and what you  like about them.


As an aside,should we be smoking/vaping things that melt plastic lol ?  I was afraid to try the peppermint after that :( 

Whoa! I found a safe space! – by: Mrs. G

Hello everybody!
I’m so glad to have found this forum. It’s hard enough being accepted when I live a "vintage lifestyle" let alone the use of e-cigs. I’m totally new to the vape community and I started to help me kick the nicotine habit. I hate the nicotine but I love the act of smoking. What really does it for me is that once I kick the nicotine, I can still vape. It calms me. I suffer from a condition called CRPS and along with the mind blowing pain comes panic attacks. Smoking often helped with that. This disease has no known cure so I know I will always have the urge to smoke when the flares hit. I’m thrilled to have found vaping. This will keep the nicotine out and still give me the same "cues" that trigger calming when the attacks hit. Loving it! Loving that there are others I can compare notes on and learn from.