New Vaper

Ok guys so I decided its time for me to quit analogs. Been smoking for 10+ years. I picked up an ego-c kit a few days ago. I have been vaping on it ever since.


Although I have limit my use analogs, I still smoke one every now and then. Guess I am waiting for this last pack to be gone. I usually smoked around half a pack a day. I used to smoke half, butt out, smoke half again. Pall Mall Lights 100s. 


With my ego c, I am vaping 20mg. I think it might be a little too high. I am not getting sick or anything, I feel like it should be lower since I didn’t smoke as much. I don’t want to be getting more nicotine than I was with my analogs. I realize I am not getting any of other chemicals but still. Anyway, I looked into <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>DIY, but not ready for that yet obviously. Hence, I ordered some more e-<a href="”>liquid, this time 12mg 50/50 pg/vg. My goal is to get down to 0mg and then quit the ecig


I am not vaping constantly. I am not vaping at work. I take a couple vapes in the morning. Go to work. Take a couple vapes on my breaks and during lunch. Then when I get home I vape some more. It’s really difficult during work. That’s when I need a cig the most. For some reason, I can’t focus as good as I used too. 


Do you guys recommend I stick with the 20mg or vape the 12mg exclusively? And when should I go to a lower dosage? If I am able to quit that would be fantastic. I am attempting to get my bro on the ecig too. He said he’d give it a shot once his carton is done. 



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