Has anybody tried the v-nano’s? Just curious… I have bought several of them to switch flavors back and forth and love them. I’m just wondering if there is another similar to the nano? Personally I think they produce more vapor and give a better hit than any of the any others I have tried. Any Insight would be appreciated. :yes

Parkin’s Patch – Personalised Gifts and Corporate Promotional Products with Free Shipping

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (PRWEB) November 3, 2008

Parkin’s Patch aims to be the online shopping choice for personalised gifts for friends, family and businesses this Christmas. Parkin’s Patch, located at http//parkinspatch.com, uses photo quality multicolor digital printing on nearly 1,000 products. Ordering a single item or 1,000 items with the added bonus of no-cost shipping to anywhere in the world has to be a major attraction to families and businesses alike.

Brian Parkin, owner of Parkin’s Patch, has designed his customer friendly website for easy navigation and with a large selection of unique photo imprinted products. These products can all be personalised with a favourite photo or design for the customer. Brian ran a successful eBay shop of the same name for a while and now feels the time is right to branch out with his own online shopping site. His mission is for any customer to enjoy their online shopping experience and feel 100% happy with their gift purchases

Popular products offered for sale include mousepads, coasters, teddy bears, cigarette money cases, belt buckles, jigsaw puzzles, golf accessories and watches. For the grand opening, Parkin’s Patch is offering visitors a massive 50% savings for a custom mousepad and matching set of 4 coasters at a competitive price of $ 6.00

For additional information on the news about Parkin’s Patch contact Brian Parkin or visit http://www.prweb.com .

About Parkin’s Patch:

Parkin’s Patch is a Brisbane based online shopping business specializing in personalised gifts for friends, family and businesses.


Brian Parkin

Parkin’s Patch




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Fashion & Beauty Trends e-Book: Skincare-News.com Advises Readers on Style, Fashion & Beauty

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) June 04, 2012

Looking for a reliable source on keeping style fresh? The latest Skincare-News.com e-Book Fashion & Beauty Handbook is a great place to learn about seasonal trends, anti-aging fashion tips and how to create a simple, sophisticated look. With tips for men, teenagers and working women, this handbook provides easy tips on looking great every day.

Seasonal beauty, hair & fashion trends

As the seasons change, so do the latest trends from springs pretty pastels to the richer, earthy tones of fall. Wondering how to keep up with this seasons styles and fashions? Need suggestions for choosing trendy color palettes that flatter individual skin tones? Ready to toss out old and unused products to make way for new cosmetics and fashion items? To find out, visit Skincare-News.com or click skincare-news.com/a-9580-Fashion__Beauty_Handbook.aspx

Anti-Aging fashion & beauty

Although women might not choose the same styles and fashions as they age, growing older shouldnt mean a loss of style. For women concerned with anti-aging issues like menopause, adult acne and wrinkles, it can be challenging to also keep up with fashion trends and find flattering cosmetics and ensembles. What are some ways that women can continue feeling beautiful as they age? To find out, visit Skincare-News.com or click skincare-news.com/a-9580-Fashion__Beauty_Handbook.aspx

Fashion & beauty for everybody

Its easy to fall into a rut when it comes to beauty and grooming, choosing the same products, colors and styles day after day. Everyone from young teens and busy moms to low-maintenance men and trendy fashionistas could use some tips on spicing up a dull routine. Looking for tips on mastering the latest makeup techniques? Tired of choosing the same style year after year? Looking to get a little more creative with product choices? To find out, visit Skincare-News.com or click skincare-news.com/a-9580-Fashion__Beauty_Handbook.aspx

Find answers to many more questions about keeping up with fashion and beauty trends while also adopting a style thats easy to maintain by visiting Skincare-News.com, or click skincare-news.com/a-9580-Fashion__Beauty_Handbook.aspx

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Skincare & Beauty Calendar: Twelve-Month Guide to Complete Skin Transformation skincare-news.com/a-8984-Skincare__Beauty_Calendar_TwelveMonth_Guide_to_Complete_Skin_Transformation.aspx

An effective skincare routine is one that can easily be altered throughout the year, such as when the seasons change or when a womans skin is going through a transition. Whether a woman is trying to get rid of acne, achieve younger-looking skin or just update a boring makeup regimen, this article will help her create a step-by-step plan, with how-to instructions for every season. The result is a skincare accessory she can use all year long!

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook Part 14: Skincare Routine & Lifestyle skincare-news.com/a-8033-Skincare__Beauty_FAQ_Handbook__Part_14_Skincare_Routine__Lifestyle.aspx

A well-rounded beauty routine goes beyond a good cleanser and moisturizer. Knowing how and when to use products, as well as essential lifestyle tips like the potential damage of cigarettes and coffee, are keys to beautifully healthy skin. Learn the ins and outs of exfoliation, the truth about moisturizing and important facts about lifestyle choices and age-specific skincare. Find out more about creating an effective skincare routine in Chapter 14 of Skincare-news.coms FAQ Handbook.

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook Part 10: Makeup skincare-news.com/a-7974-Skincare__Beauty_FAQ_Handbook__Part_10_Makeup.aspx

Makeup can be a great way to amplify natural beauty and conceal flaws, but for most people, learning the cosmetic ropes takes practice. Even for those who only wear makeup on occasion, learning what works and what doesnt is key to a polished look. Use Part 10 of the Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook to demystify cosmetics like primers and mineral makeup, and create the best makeup regimen for individual skin types and lifestyle. Plus, see answers to questions on application tips, proper makeup and brush storage, and tricks for creating a glowing complexion.

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook Part 11: Men skincare-news.com/a-7987-Skincare__Beauty_FAQ_Handbook__Part_11_Men.aspx

For men looking for a stripped-down skincare and shaving routine, heres some assistance. The right products and regimen for a mans lifestyle should include some key elementslike efficiency, quality and effectiveness. Part 11 of the Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook offers a thorough guide to creating a daily routine suited to a mans specific needs and skin type. Use Chapter 11 of our FAQ Handbook to find out the best techniques for irritation-free shaving, anti-aging skincare and low-maintenance products.

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook Part 13: Sun Protection skincare-news.com/a-8019-Skincare__Beauty_FAQ_Handbook__Part_13_Sun_Protection.aspx

For those who are concerned about aging, the number one tip for healthy skin long-term is widely known: sun protection. Not only does proper sun precaution safeguard skin from painful sunburn, it also helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging. In this chapter of the FAQ Handbook, discover essential facts about sun exposure, tips on treatment, plus the low-down on tanning and skin cancer. Read on for the best ways to soothe a sunburn, the facts behind sun protection terminology, and how to prevent sun-related conditions like melanoma.

About Skincare-News.com — “Your Source for Intelligent Skin Care”

Skincare-News.com is the online source for consumers seeking intelligent beauty and skin care news, advice, tips and articles. Founded in 2005, Skincare-News.com features articles, news items and frequently asked questions on skincare and beauty-related issues. Skincare-News.com is located in Sacramento, California, but receives visitors from all around the world. For more information, visit http://www.skincare-news.com

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Rising e-cig Popularity Hurting Traditional Cigarette Demand
It spent $ 135 million roughly a year ago to buy blu ecigs, and has since expanded distribution and beefed up marketing. Those initiatives are showing early dividends. Lorillard's first-quarter earnings growth benefited from $ 21 million in gross profit …
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White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Rejoices in Spring Fling Contest Discloses
… customers, the brand launches a Facebook application in which users can participate by a simple registration. This registration is free, no need to buy any White Cloud e cig products. There are some exciting prizes available with this Spring Fling …
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Re: Damascus steel mechanical mod project – by: Wood Artist

Hi guys πŸ™‚
New connectors look and function great. Attys make contact one full turn before bottoming out πŸ˜‰


Here’s a look at some of the colors (of course they’re only rough cut in the pic)
Just getting them ready to go to the polisher and engraver

Tobacco Product Manufacturing in the UK Industry Market Research Report Now Updated by IBISWorld

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) April 29, 2013

The Tobacco Product Manufacturing industry is under fire. Since the 1960s, smoking rates in the United Kingdom have fallen from over 50% to 20% in 2011 as people became aware of the link between smoking and diseases such as cancer. Although the price of tobacco products is relatively static, there have been some rises, which have also contributed towards the decline in smoking rates. The price rises have also led to a shift away from premium brands towards economy brands. For instance, demand for roll-your-own cigarettes has increased at the expense of filter cigarettes.

According to IBISWorld industry analyst Steven Connell, government measures designed to reduce smoking rates have added to the negative press surrounding health-related smoking risks and contributed to declining smoking rates. Examples of regulations introduced over the past five years include an increase of the minimum age of purchase from 16 to 18 and the inclusion of pictorial health warnings on tobacco packages. Industry revenue is expected to fall at a compound annual rate of 2.9% over the five years through 2013-14 to reach