In my Easter basket – by: msparker32

A couple of days ago I got some supplies from Aqua Vapor. Some coil heads for my CE5s and a EVOD bottom feeder with replacement heads. Trying out the EVOD to see if it’s better than the CE5.
Today I got some Charity <a href="”>juice from Fuzion Vapor. This month’s flavor is Gumby Blood. Smells yummy.
And now I am waiting for my Anyvape CVI from MyVaporstore. Anxious to see what that bad boy does to the taste of my e<a href="”>liquids. :cheer:

What nicotine density should i get for the e cigarette?

Question by Andreas G: What nicotine density should i get for the e cigarette?
im either going to get the high density or the very high density.
the very high has 26mg of nicotine and high has 16. is the very high to much? im new to the e cig

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I was a parliament smoker and I have gone 100% e-cig. I am currently using 16mg and it is working great for me. I would suggest staying in the High (vs the super high). I have found that when I up my nicotine and go higher, my throat hurts. It becomes very dry.

If you are going with cartridges, maybe order a few of each to see which ones fit you better. If you are going to do e-<a href="”>liquid, you can always start with the lower and if that doesn’t work for you, then order the higher and if that is too strong, you can mix them together to get a middle of the road content.

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Need opinions on VV Colored wood mods & my first bottom feeder

Just finished these yesterday and really need your help. Tried some new techniques on these ones and need to know what you think about them please. Things such as Love or hate the colors and prefer more natural woods or is the form to your liking (also are you Pro LED indicator light or Con), battery size preferred or anything you may like or hate about them. I would really appreciate some feedback to help me decide to continue or abandon this track. Also the 2nd one is my first Bottom feeder I have been testing it all day and seems to work great as far as I know. No leaks through 5 m/l of <a href="”>juice. Still trying to figure out the best sqounking techniques.(I tend to flood occasionally . Catch cup does it’s job and <a href="”>juice drains back into bottle without draining into PV. Since this is my first I only have 1 bottom feed capable atomizer to try on it. Because of this I think I am going to put it up for sale. To help finance more mods. But I need your input again. What do you think a fair price would be to ask for it. Remember its a VV (3.3 to 6 volts),dual 18350’s,5 ml bottle,custom wood bottom feeder.
Sorry the pictures are turned on their sides having problems with photobucket.
Here is the first one a Dual 14500 VV wood box mod. To me the grain on it looked like waves so tried to make it look like blue ocean water. The poly coat seemed to bring out more green from the color tho.
A dual 18350 VV bottom feeder mod. This one I wanted to make purple and ended up with a neon/iridescent purple It’s like one of those hologram pictures that keeps changing dependent on the angle and the light you use to look at it. The camera I use can’t seem to capture it correctly the closest it’s come is the one where it is in my hand. maybe later on I will try to take one outside under the noon sun and see how it comes out.
Here they are side by side battery size determines how thick they are.
And here is how they compare to some of the others I made.
I am in the process of trying to find Driptips and tanks that match these colors and if successful will post followup pics.
Thank you for looking Once again all comments and or critiques are very much appreciated.

easy way to stop smoking without electric cigarettes?

Question by just me..: easy way to stop smoking without electric cigarettes?
I have smoked for about 6 years and think they cause my headaches. is there something i can do to try and stop smoking? without electric cigarettes, gum, ect.

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Answer by Branden Smith
Check out
There’s a trial there if anyone needs a quick aid to help quit smoking easier. Hope this helps.

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South Beach Smoke: Reduced Pain Reported in Spine Patients Who Quit Smoking

South Beach Smoke: Reduced Pain Reported in Spine Patients Who Quit Smoking
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All Of The Choices In E Cigarette Kits

<img alt="e cigarette cartridges" src="” width=”160″ />
by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

Article by Donald Prathen

Right now you can get quality <a target="_new" href="”>e cigarette kits for under at, an online <a target="_new" href="”>e cigarettes store that has quality supplies that are also affordable! You can stock up on all the supplies you need, like <a target="_new" href="<a href="”>juice/”>e <a href="”>juice and cartridges without breaking your budget and not having to worry about spending more on ecigs than you do on traditional cigarettes!

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