Photos Of The Vamo.

I cant wait.

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What To Go With Now

I’ve been vaping well over 2 years now. I really like ego batteries.  But here is my problem.  I am going through clearomizers like there is no tomorrow and spending a fortune.  I also tend to have replace a USB recharger every couple months. 


I want to try something different.  


I have an ego twist which I like a lot.  I also have an ego tank system which I don’t like. It clogs easy and I don’t get enough vapor. I was considering an ego C. Is this better than the tank system. 


I want something that is going produce a lot of vapor and decent throat hit. So should I switch to an ego C?  Or should I try a different brand of clearomizers (aka stardust) I’m tried multiple brands. And how about that usb charger having be replaced so much is that normal? Someone told me it’s charging in the car that kills it. 


I am a heavy vapor. 



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What Mods To Buy.

Hello vaping community,

I’ve been vaping for about a year now and still am having trouble with buying mods and accessories. My current mod is annoying because after a few times using 510 and some joytech accessories they don’t work anymore. The only things that work all the time are joytech dual coil cartomizers.

Please help me out. I currently buy all accessories, mods, and <a href="”>liquid from

All your answers are welcome.