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Gov signs e-cig bill, white-collar crime registry and more
But Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clearfield, sponsor of the bill, said young children can't consume the <a href="”>liquid in sealed e-cigarettes and the devices aren't marketed to children the way the <a href="”>liquids for refillable e-cigarettes can be. The local e-cigarette …
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Apollo E Cig Review for Newbies

This is my review of the Apollo Extreme starter kit. Hope you enjoy it! Special thanks to Kimi at Apollo for answering my initial questions and helping me with my order. Apollo has outstanding customer service!

The reviews are my opinion only, I’m not paid to do endorsements and there is no referral link. Just an honest review for people trying electronic cigarettes to quit smoking real cigarettes.
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Apollo Electronic Cigarette Review

Quick Tip – ECCR (Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews) thoroughly tests all products before reviewing. We deliver completely unbiased opinions, and only bring to you, what we believe are the top brands in the e-cigarette industry.

Apollo’s Standard Kit comes with your choice of manual or automatic lithium-ion batteries. The batteries after much testing showed themselves to be pretty good.These batteries aren’t the longest lasting on the market, but they are certainly far better than most batteries that are in this price range.

The cartomizers come in 5 flavors. The cartomizers last approximately 200-250 puffs.
Vapor on the Apollo product is top notch and the throat kick is definitely there.

Apollo offers a PCC charger as well, that will come in hand in the event that your battery should die.

We have a summary of the Apollo Electronic Cigarette that you can view at our website, as well as photos of the product.

ECCR welcomes you to visit the website to share your experience with Apollo.

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Global Energy Harvesting Regeneration for Electric Vehicles Land, Water & Air 2014-2024: Worldwide Industry Share, Investment Trends, Growth, Size, Strategy And Forecast

<img style="float:left;margin: 0 20px 10px 0" src="” />
Albany, NY (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

Energy Harvesting-Regeneration for Electric Vehicles Land, Water & Air 2014-2024

The electric vehicle industry – land, water and air – is rapidly rising to become a huge market of over $ 290 billion by 2024. Some run entirely on harvested energy as with solar lake boats. Others recycle energy as with regenerative braking of cars, buses and military vehicles harvesting kinetic energy. Others use different forms of harvesting either to charge the traction batteries or to drive autonomous devices as we progress to the wireless vehicle. In some cases, harvesting is making completely new forms of electric vehicle possible such as “glider” Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) that stay at sea for years and surface to gain electricity from both wave power and sunshine whenever necessary. Indeed, multiple forms of energy harvesting on one vehicle is becoming much more common from cars to superyachts. This report is the first to provide technical and marketing analysis of the rapidly growing market for energy harvesting in electric vehicles – land, water and air – with forecasts.

Browse Complete report with TOC :

This report gives a wealth of examples of energy harvesting in action on electric vehicles by land, water and air. It summarises trends in diagrams, tables and text to make it easy to compare essential information. Forecasts for adoption in 2014 and 2024 are backed by ten year forecasts for electric vehicle sales by type, 2014-2024 by category – number, unit value and market value. A critical explanation of all the technologies is given with the good and bad aspects and assessment of likely future progress. The work of a large number of suppliers and adopters is assessed.

Table of Contents


1.1. What is energy harvesting?

1.2. Choices of harvesting

1.3. Opportunities for energy harvesting in cars

1.4. Market size of EV energy harvesting 2013-2024

1.5. Largest sectors


2.1. Energy harvesting

2.1.1. Textron Bell helicopter sensing

2.1.2. Train brakes

2.1.3. MEMS

2.2. Electric vehicle

2.3. Needs

2.3.1. Range and cost

2.3.2. Hybrid vs pure electric

2.3.3. Biomimetics

2.4. Options and examples

2.4.1. ETH, QinetiQ solar plane

2.4.2. Amerigon thermoelectrics for cars, etc

2.4.3. Military land vehicles

2.4.4. NASA on Mars- planetary exploration vehicles

2.5. Bluecar

2.6. Nissan Capacitor Hybrid truck, forklift

2.7. Toyota Prius

2.8. Multi-mode harvesting

2.8.1. Alongside

2.8.2. Smart skin

2.8.3. EH in tire pressure monitoring

2.8.4. Issues with TPMSs using batteries

2.8.5. Energy harvesters for TPMS

2.9. Microhybrids


3.1. Photovoltaic

3.1.1. Flexible, conformal

3.1.2. Technological options

3.1.3. Principles of operation

3.1.4. Options for flexible PV

3.1.5. Many types of photovoltaics needed for harvesting

3.2. Limits of cSi and aSi technologies

3.3. Limits of CdTe

3.4. GaAs-Ge multilayers

3.5. DSSC

3.6. CIGS

3.7. Organic

3.8. Nanosilicon ink

3.9. Nantenna – diode PV

3.9.1. Nanowire solar cells

3.9.2. UV, visible, IR

3.10. Technology trends – electrodynamic

3.11. Vibration harvesting

3.12. Movement harvesting options

3.12.1. Piezoelectric – conventional, ZnO and polymer

3.12.2. Electrostatic

3.12.3. Magnetostrictive

3.12.4. Energy harvesting electronics

3.13. Electroactive polymers

3.14. Electrodynamic

3.14.1. Generation of electricity

3.14.2. Regenerative braking

3.14.3. Energy harvesting shock absorbers

3.14.4. Regenerative soaring

3.15. Thermoelectrics

3.15.1. Thermoelectric construction

3.15.2. Advantages of thermoelectrics

3.15.3. Automotive Thermoelectric Generation (ATEG)

3.15.4. Heat pumps

3.15.5. Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting in Japan

3.15.6. Ford, Volvo, Renault

3.16. Flywheels

3.17. Electromagnetic field harnessing

3.18. Microbial and other fuel cells

3.19. Other harvesting options

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4.1. Solar Prius

4.2. Webasto pioneers see-through solar car

4.3. Pure EV motive power

4.4. EH shock absorbers in trucks, buses, cars

4.4.1. Levant Power

4.4.2. Wattshocks

4.5. Regenerative braking

4.6. Electricity from engine and exhaust heat

4.6.1. Copenhagen bicycle

4.6.2. Volvo hybrid bus

4.6.3. Fisker Karma car

4.6.4. Tesla car

4.7. Cruise car solar golf cars

4.8. Ford unveils solar powered car with new system that tracks the sun

4.9. Vibration harvesting ATV in India

4.10. Piezoelectric roads for California?

4.11. Award for railroad energy harvesting


5.1.1. Example of US navy unmanned surface vehicles

5.1.2. Tamarack Lake foldable inland boat USA

5.1.3. Kitegen seagoing kite boats Italy and Sauter UK

5.1.4. Larger solar lake boats Switzerland

5.1.5. SCOD / Atlantic Motors high performance cabin cruiser USA

5.1.6. MW Line solar seagoing boat Switzerland

5.1.7. Unmanned boat gathering oil USA

5.1.8. Seagoing yachts France

5.1.9. Tag plug in hybrid large sail boat South Africa, New Zealand

5.1.10. Türanor PlanetSolar solar catamaran Germany

5.1.11. Energy harvesting superyacht UK


6.1. Swimmers vs gliders

6.2. Wave and sun powered sea gliders

6.2.1. Virginia Institute of Marine Science USA

6.2.2. Falmouth Scientific Inc USA

6.2.3. <a href="”>liquid Robotics USA

6.3. Robot jellyfish USA and Germany

6.4. Wind + Solar for ships

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7.1. Energy harvesting

7.1.1. Multiple forms of energy to be managed

7.1.2. AeroVironment / NASA USA

7.1.3. Boeing USA

7.1.4. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland

7.1.5. ETH Zurich Switzerland

7.1.6. Green Pioneer China

7.1.7. Gossamer Penguin USA

7.1.8. Néphélios France

7.1.9. QinetiQ UK

7.1.10. Soaring China

7.1.11. Solair Germany

7.1.12. Solar Flight USA

7.1.13. Sunseeker USA

7.1.14. University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany

7.1.15. US Air Force

7.1.16. Northrop Grumman USA

7.2. Beamed energy


8.1. Energy harvesting

8.1.1. Solar powered charging stations

8.1.2. Alpha Energy USA

8.1.3. Beautiful Earth USA

8.1.4. Envision Solar International USA

8.1.5. E-Move Denmark

8.1.6. EVFuture India

8.1.7. Sanyo Japan

8.1.8. Solar Bullet train

8.1.9. Solar Unity Company USA

8.1.10. SunPods USA

8.1.11. Toyota Japan

8.1.12. Innowattech Israel


9.1. Largest sectors

9.2. Numbers of manufacturers



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Though regulation looms, e-cigarette retailers burgeon

Though regulation looms, e-cigarette retailers burgeon
Wood, of Paradise Vapors, forwarded a News-Leader reporter an email from Nicopure Labs — the manufacturer of eVo e-<a href="”>liquid — noting that the current proposals do not include restrictions on flavors, a ban on Internet sales and a ban on television …
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E-cigarettes Are Heading Off The Shelves Following A Landmark Legal Case In
Professor Magnusson says e-cigarette companies in Australia are either engaged in “an act of bravery, or are very much hoping the Hawkins case will be overturned on appeal”. There are no shortages of e-cigarette vendors in Australia, In Sydney, Evo …
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Are E-Cigarettes Safe To Puff?
Analysts think the market for e-cigarettes will surpass $ 10 billion in the U.S. by 2017 and that e-cigarettes will outsell regular cigarettes within a decade, said David Sweanor, a law professor at the University of Ottawa who works on tobacco and …
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E-cigarette poisoning on the rise
A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds e-cigarette <a href="”>liquids are behind an alarming increase in the number of phone calls made to U.S. poison control centers. In September 2010, there was an average of one electronic …
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Liquid nicotine use in school sparks Cheney investigation

<a href="”>liquid nicotine use in school sparks Cheney investigation
Accusations of students using <a href="”>liquid nicotine during classes at Cheney High School has the leaders within the Cheney School District investigating. Teenagers were reportedly taking the nicotine solution, intended for e-cigarettes, mixing it with soda …
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Study: High school smoking fell as e-cigarette use boomed
"Churro with strawberry ice cream, pineapple strawberry peach, strawberry rice crispy treats and pop rocks," said Abay, pointing to tiny vials of what's called e-<a href="”>juice or e-<a href="”>liquid. He says e-cigarettes don't necessarily need to contain nicotine. Some …
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Use Of E-Cigarettes Triples Among U.S. Teens

Image from page 150 of “Healthy living” (1917)
<img alt="free e cigarette" src="” width=”400″ />
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: healthylivin01wins
Title: Healthy living
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Winslow, C.-E. A. (Charles-Edward Amory), 1877-1957
Subjects: Health
Publisher: New York and Chicago, Charles E. Merrill company
Contributing Library: Columbia University Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons

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Text Appearing Before Image:
s forwhich people sometimes give up a good share of theirfreedom is smoking. The use of tobacco is more objectionable than theuse of tea and coffee. Smoking is an expensive habit,for a good deal of money is burnt up in the course of ayear in the form of cigars or cigarettes. It is an un-pleasant habit for those who do not share it, since itfills the air and the clothes and the hair of every onein the room with stale-smelling smoke. It is a habitwhich may do serious damage to the health. Peoplewho smoke a great deal injure the soft, delicate surfacesof the nose and throat and are likely to have a nasty,dry cough as a result. They injure their digestions andtheir hearts; a heavy smoker cannot exercise activelywithout panting and puffing, because his heart is usually 148 HEALTHY LIVING not strong enough to supply the needs of his musclesfully. They injure their nerves and their brains. Thehand of a hard smoker often trembles as a result ofthis action upon the nerves. Boys and men who are

Text Appearing After Image:
. Fig. 57.—^Men and boys who are members ofathletic teams are never allowed to usealcohol or tobacco. training for rowing and football and other athletic con-tests are never allowed to smoke. As in the case of tea and coffee—only much more so—the danger from tobacco is most serious in youth.Grov^TL people can smoke a little without harm, providedthey do not form so strong- a habit that they are no FREEDOM FROM BAD HABITS 149 longer free to stop when they wish. For children andyoung people, tobacco is always harmful. No boy whowants to be strong and well, a successful man and agood citizen, will touch it in any form. Medicines and When to Use Them.—When youare ill, the doctor is sent for, and sometimes perhapshe gives you medicines. These medicines, or the sub-stances they contain, called drugs, are given for par-ticular effects they have on the body, to remedy some-thing that is going wrong. For instance, if a person isvery ill and his heart is weak, a stimulant drug maybe giv

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Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

Use Of E-Cigarettes Triples Among U.S. Teens
A national survey confirms earlier indications that e-cigarettes are now more popular among teenage students than traditional cigarettes and other forms of tobacco, federal health officials reported Thursday. The findings prompted strong warnings from Dr.
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E-cigarette battle heats up
The FDA proposed rules that would ban sales to minors, require warning labels on e-cigarette packages, and bar free samples. They would not, however, regulate advertising. Currently, e-cigarette companies advertise their products using sex, glamour …
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Indiana lawmakers approve rules for e-cigarette <a href="”>liquids
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Lawmakers have approved Indiana's first regulations for the <a href="”>liquids used in electronic cigarettes and the practice known as "vaping." The House voted 73-14 …. You're entitled to view 8 free articles every 30 days. Then, if you …
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Anyone else did this

My wife likes her melon e<a href="”>juice very much. I mix our e<a href="”>juice myself, She likes to put a few drops of the flavoring in her bottled water. No nic no pg or vg just the flavoring. She says it tastes better. Just wondering if other people do this, or is she just weird.

Make Your Own E-cig Juice

In introductory video outlining my logic behind deciding to make my own e-cigarette <a href="”>juice. All the links you need are below. Thanks for watching and sharing AND subscribing. =)

How to make your own E <a href="”>juice:

Propylene Glycol<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>DIY-supplies/usp-grade-propylene-glycol/

Vegetable Glycerine:<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>DIY-supplies/usp-grade-vegetable-glycerin/

Unflavored Nicotine:<a href="”>liquid/unflavored-nicotine-smoke-<a href="”>juice-e-<a href="”>liquid/

Dispensing bottles:

Flavors:<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>DIY-flavorings.html

Mixing Calculator:<a href="”>liquid+Recipe+Name&ai=36&bi=18&ei=10&hi=Water%2FVodka%2FPGA&ii=0&li=Enter+Flavor+Name&mi=10&jl=20&x=x&submit=*+Calculate+*

Mixing Info:

Bottom line, this is not rocket science. You are simply cutting nicotine with PG or VG or both (I will use both) so that the solution will work in your e-cig. I’m going to be getting 100mg nicotine simply to cut down on shipping costs. The more you buy the better deal you get. When I have the money I will be buying liters of this stuff.
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