I’m Rich!

By government order,  analogues are now RM 13.50 per pack.  I just changed my counter to reflect the price increase.  I have now saved well over RM 15,000.   I of course realise this isn’t dollars, and of course I didn’t spend that much when I first started vaping, but you’ve got to admit it looks impressive.  Too bad I’m still looking for where it goes.  Oh yeah, divide by 3 to get approx US dollars. 

Sub ohm coils

I started out vaping on an RDA about a year ago and I was building my coils at around 1.2ohms dual coil.Then after a while I needed more vapor production so I went sub ohm.I know some people build dual sub ohm coils around .4 or less a ohms.i built dual .3 ohm coils the other day on my stillare and I nearly hacked a lung out.I’m a single coil guy all the way,dual coil is just too much for me.Anyone else have the same experience?

Great American Smokeout arouses me…

I happen to find an interesting event launched by American Cancer Society, called the Great American Smokeout. It encourages smokers to use the date to make a plan to quit. And the topic was derived to what kind of quitter are you. I cannot help wondering whether most vapers are ex-smokers and uses distraction and substitutions like e-cig to help bust cravings or not. Is quit smoking is your motivation to get vape?