Who has an Atlantis and actually likes it?

I got this Aspire Atlantis today and I hate it so far… Advertised as a sub ohm tank with a .5 ohm coil.. The coils (2) that came with my tank actually were .60 and .62 ohms respectively..this is important running on a mech mod because the lower the resistance the more watts (power) is produced, and thicker clouds with fuller flavor..
Well this thing was disappointing because the clouds were airy and thin and flavor was flat…was looking for something that I could use while driving
and not have to drip at every stoplight..oh well, I’ll probly wind up giving it to my sister..she thinks dripping is messy and not as picky as me..hell, she might actually like it. Lol

Radio Report

I finally got around to listening to a podcast of a local radio show discussing vaping as a viable smoking cessation method.  The doctor interviewed said that just possibly vaping might be better than smoking and the interviewer thought that that was huge. But it seemed like it was mostly the usual we don’t have enough info yet to state categorically that it’s better.  I sure wish some broadcaster somewhere would have some of us enthusiasts on to make the case.  I truly believe that vaping has saved my life and improved my health after the better part of two years. 

Re: Best Place to buy e-liquid, e-juice in Denton – by: TimJohnstone

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I was fortunate enough to get this XXIX
as an early Christmas gift…for those of you that own this all copper mech mod I was wondering what to use to clean the switch safely.. I read everything from acetone to ScotchBrite but I don’t think either is good for copper..please advise..
BTW, I’m new to the forum and in fact this is my very first post…thx again

How low is it okay for a battery charge to drop?

Okay, all my AVPs have had the low voltage/no longer working stop at 3.2 volts.  SOMEONE told me he wouldn’t vape the battery any lower than 3.4 – of course, he uses a mod, so he has to be careful about checking the voltage left on his battery himself, or, well, I don’t know how he decides that it’s time to change the battery, but I know if if the voltage drops below 3.2, chargers won’t charge them anymore, correct?  So how low should be the stopping point?