New guy here

I have been lurking this forum for a while. Finally decided to join. I hope I don’t bug you all with tons of questions &#4322820; just did my first mech build and wanted to brag lol. Nemesis clone, sony 30a 18650, nimbus rda clone. Dual twisted 32 ga. Coils at .98 ohms. Creme de menthe <a href="”>liquid from warrior e <a href="”>liquids. I’m now hooked on mechs &#4322825;


Today, I had a minor seizure first time in over a year.
No big deal, well the big deal is.. afterwards I was tired, couldn’t vape it turned my stomach, couldn’t taste still can’t.
The first thing I wanted was a analog, that’s insane.. I still have this huge desire to have one, so I’m trying to Vape.
I haven’t had one of those nasty things since January 23, and that was horrible, only a puff and never to return.
Im trying higher nic but doesn’t seem to help, its going to be a long grumpy nite I’m afraid, tried coffee thinking wake my brain up like nicotine, not smart.

Just a vent maybe I’ll just go back to sleep.

Can’t believe I’ve made it this far!

Two months without an analog! I set reminders in my phone for each month so I can either (a) be proud of myself or (B) kick my own *** for going back to analogs.
I seriously doubt I will ever have to kick my own ***. Just sayin. I have found my sweet spot for dripping, know how to build MY coils, know how to wick MY cotton, can build for my husband when he’s too frustrated, learned how to use a small torch, witnessed my husband pick up a coil still hot (perfect coil marks on both fingers btw), made some awesome new friends, helped some newer newbies, got my sense of smell and taste back, and honestly built a closer relationship with my husband. Since we both put down the analogs and picked up the RDAs, we build together and spend that time together talking and laughing and generally getting closer.
So it’s a win all around!

Here’s a nice little trick that I did to improve my nautilist tank performance

I just purchased a nautilist tank 4 days ago and have had nothing but a bad experience; loose draw, burnt coils; no throat hit and very lacking on the flavor. I decided to put a piece of silica on top of the coil head right on top of the coil last night…problem solved.. II get a great throat hit now,flavor and performance has improved drastically… The coil head has not burnt out yet.. I believe there are some huge quality control issues going on with these heads; they obviously can’t keep up with demand because I have talked to at least 5 or 6 brick and mortar stores in my area and they all say that the coil heads are in high demand and short supply so to me that leads to quality control issues.. I am wondering if anybody else is experiencing the same problems that I am? Because from what I’m reading these tanks are getting rave reviews and up until my fix I did not get what the hell people were talking about

0 mg liquid question

I’ve been cutting out nicotine over the last month or so, and it seems like I get less of a throat hit as I have gone down. I just started a 0 mg <a href="”>liquid and can barely feel any hit at all. Is it the lack of nicotine or am I just gaining tolerance to the effects of the vapor? Also, is there anything I can do to get a better throat hit without changing the nicotine (if that actually is the problem).