I think I’m finally over the urge…

It only took me 5 months, but I think I finally hit the end. After months and months of flavors, nicotine level tinkering, and lots of frustrations I believe I’m finally through with the analogs! Woo hoo! I was with my sis-n-law all weekend who smokes “my brand” and has always been my excuse to smoke, but this time it was truly an eye opening experience. My brain finally accepted how bad they stink, how they choke the air, and how much I didn’t want them any more. Now I guess it is just a matter of will power and vaping consistently at this nicotine level. It has been a full week since I’ve had an analog and I’m soooo excited.

New Provari question

I am loving my new Provari, however several times I have gotten the E1 or the E2 error codes. To get it back to working I have to take the tank off and change the coil. I also tried cutting the power down but that did not work. But once I take the tank off and change the coil I also take the battery out for a few seconds before I put the tank back on and usually that will fix it. I have no idea if that was the problem or not but when it happens I totally freak out thinking “oh no I broke it”. So for it to go back to working makes me very happy but you all who have Provaries is it usually the coil that is the problem when E1 or E2 error codes come up? 

Review of TESLA mod – by: ambercliman

review of [B][COLOR="DarkOrange&quo​t;][U][URL="www.cigabuy.c​om/tesla-variable-voltagewatta​ge-mod-px2ckzu-p-3911.html&quo​t;]TESLA[/URL][/U][/COLOR][/B]​ mod

The TESLA is one of the most sophisticated device on the market today, providing affordable function and durability.

Floating 510 center pin

fit for 510 thread.


The TESLA body has been constructed with build in ventilation throughout the body and bottom cap of the device. In the event of a battery reaching thermal melt-down, the device is designed to stop gas pressure from building by venting through the device.


The large button is the activation button. To toggle the device between power on and off, you need to fast-click the activation button 5 times (the button must be pressed five times within 2 seconds). To quickly click the button 5 times to turn the device on, the word ​“TESLA​​” will display on the screen, if the battery voltage is sufficient for operation, the system will turn on and display the messae ​“system on​​”. When the system powers down via 5 times fast-click, the OLED will display the word ​“TESLA​​” and upon successful shutdown will display the words ​“system off​​”, indicating a successful shutdown. When the device is off, there will be no output power from the TESLA and the OLED will not display.


The ​“ ​– ​” (minus symbol) button is used to reduce the voltage and power settings of the device. Pressing this button will adjust the current value of either voltage or power setting. The OLED will display the corresponding voltage or power settings. When the unit is adjusted below 3.0V or 3.0W, it will cycle back to highest setting 6.0V or 15W.

The ​“ + ​” (plus symbol) button is used to increase the voltage and power settings of the device. Pressing this button will adjust the current value of either voltage or power up. The OLED will display the corresponding voltage or power settings. When the unit is adjusted beyond 6.0V or 15W, it will cycle back to the lowest setting 3.0V or 3W.


To check the battery voltage, hold the ​“-​​” activation button down for two seconds while the OLED screen is on and unlocked. The screen will display the battery​​’s current operational voltage.

To use the atomizer resistance check function, hold the ​“+​​” button down for 2 seconds while the OLED screen is on and unlocked, the screen will display the connected atomizer​​’s resistance.


TESLA can powered by one 18650 battery.

When the battery requires charging, the OLED will display a low battery power warning code ​“low W​​”. At this time, the device will cease output, protecting the battery from being drained until a charged battery is installed.

How to install the battery? Unscrew the bottom cap, there is spring inside the cap, then you can see the inner construction of the device, a0.6-inch screen OLED module installed inside, there is a contactor under the OLED module, when you put 18650 battery inside the mod, the flat surface connect to the spring which inside the bottom cap, the contactor on battery connect to the OLED module.


Re: Mt Baker Vapor – USA E-Juice and Fast Shipping – by: mtbakervapor

We’ve been working on some flavors lately. Flavor profiles and such are in the blog post. Really excited about these and I’m curious about your guy’s feedback.

Remember to request the flavor that interests you the most in the comments section of your order. If you qualify, we’ll send it to you as a free sample as usual!

The list:
Blue Drake
Old Fashioned
Honey Berries
Lemon Bar
Rhythm and Rhyme

More info can be found on this blog post (Did you know we have a blog?):http://blog.mtbakerv…​-vapor-flavors/

finally got my brother to switch! I hope

been trying for about a year to get my brother to switch to vaping, he smokes about pack n a half a day and didnt like the flavors of e<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice said it was just to much, so finally today i made a 18mg and 24 mg un-flavored <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice at a 30 pg 70 vg  popped it in a kpt2 with areo base and on a spinner and boom loves it. lets hope it works i have plenty of vv/vw devices if he wants something more of a punch but right now it vapes great built a 1.2 ohm coil for him and vapes really nice. fingers crossed here

Aspire Mini

I’m fairly new to vaping (a few months)  but now realize how much money can be spent if you make it a priority hobby. Just watched 2 videos on the new Aspire Mini Nautilus and crave ownership of one as much as I, at one time, craved analogues. My worry is the expense of ownership. The coils are 16 dollars a five pack  and I don’t even know how many you put in the device. Are there any other expenses associated with this breakthrough model. I have a birthday coming up and my wife is behind me on vaping but I do not want to spend as much as I did on stinkies. Can someone calculate the upkeep for this product?  I would appreciate it!!!   Paul