12 Step Programme?

Maybe I need counseling…. 


There was a young man named Dave

Who made mushroom <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice in a cave.

He said, “I’ll admit, it’s not a big hit.”

But think of the money I save.


A friend also wanted to save,

So he made mushroom flavours with Dave

He also admits, the flavour’s like ****.

But no one can smell from the cave. 


“A market we now need”, said Dave

So a new access road Dave did pave

And he sent the new product

To the F.D.A.s Docket,

To give them an excuse to rave.


and rant…..


(poetic license)



Is Too Much Possible?

I think I have too much stuff.  I have 3 mvp’s, an e-LVT water proof thingy, 3 SVTs 4 i taste pen thingys, several egoTs, countless batteries, chargers of all shapes etc.  But just now after a couple weeks of no use, I hooked a tank on my first VV mvp that I got in April, and although I put it away fully charged, it only lasted 44 tokes.  I only use those pen thingys for traveling because they are easy to pack and use a micro usb to charge so they are very convenient but don’t last as long.  Basically what I’m taking such a long time to get around to asking, like you know, beating around the bush:  Do I need to ‘exercise’ these batteries to keep them working?  Or do they drain down a lot just lying fallow?  Or do I wear them out faster by using mostly one all the time?  I just kinda when I’m on a roll of really sweet vaping hate to change to another battery source and have to fiddle with the settings just to try to get what I already had going.  Thanks in advance for any input or ideas.  

Self Control

There once was a man from Nantucket

Who bought all his <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice in a bucket

He said with a grin

As he puffed yet again

If I had some more money, I’d truck it.


There!  For the first time in all my 62 years, I wrote it without a single vulgar line!  Now THAT’s self control.

Any Black Friday event?

Major manufacturers released a load of vaping stuff recently…I’m thrilled when the coming out of Atlantis! 
I talked to my friend Tod, and he told me he has a shopping list too. Due to the quantity, we decided to order all of these in Black Friday, hope to enjoy a good deal!
Any store or vendor is on sale?

Our list:

aspire naulitus, mini, 
cf subohm mod
Kanger mini protank 3, 
aerotank mow
Eleaf istick, 
ijust d16,d14
Joyetech egrip, 

Vamo 5


Kayfun 4

Kayfun 4 is supposed to be released early December.  dual coils, more air flow, larger capacity tank, different look, over 40 pieces to it, comes with 3 tanks.


I’m really thinking about getting one.

What you all think about Kayfun 4?


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