Readyxwick and other wicking options

So I've built lots of different coils and have always used cotton as my wick. My favorite cotton to use is definetly cotton bacon its nice any fluffy so it does well at filling whatever diameter coil without having to compress the cotton and choke it. I'm currently happy with my wicking, however I saw the Readyxwick advertised and it seems to have gotten killer reviews. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and what do you think of it. How well does it wick , how long does it last, and does…

Readyxwick and other wicking options

Dripping with an RDA

Do you guys not find it annoying when you need to drip all the time?
also carrying a bottle of <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice everywhere.

I use an RDA but i just find it so annoying so just bought a squonker!

What are you opinions?

What’s your favorite RDA

I know there's several older threads on this topic, but so many new products have come out since the last thread I could find I thought I'd see what everyone's opinions are now.

Dual Coil: Csmnt. Hands down Love everything about this RDA. Dead Rabbit is a runner up.

Single coil: Wasp nano. No runner up but will be getting a Pulse 22 soon and we'll see how they compare.

Over all is Csmnt. Nothing I don't like about it.

Pharaoh RTA Deck 4 (postless)

Hey everyone. I've had the Pharaoh for several months now and I really like it, but I want to try the postless deck that you can buy. I almost ordered it but then as I was looking closer at the pictures I notice that the wick has to sit on top of a plate with a hole in it. The <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice then needs to travel up through that hole to get to your wick.

I'm just wondering if anyone who owns this deck is pleased with the wicking. It looks like it will wick too slowly for me because of this little…

Pharaoh RTA Deck 4 (postless)

Soft Jaw Pliers


Does anyone uses Soft Curved Jaw Pliers to unscrew tight stuck tanks?

I just cracked Smok Spirals glass (ordered replacements already), very good flavor tank by the way, There is no way to unscrew this tank by bare hands/fingers. I already using medical gloves for better grip.

Most of other tanks have similar problem.

Quick Amazon search returned Soft Jaw Pliers with hard plastic nose sleeves, but softer plastic or hard rubber would be the best.

Any suggestions or vendors other than…

Soft Jaw Pliers