Was having trouble finding something new to try so I ordered the SMOK TF-RTA.
Put it on the Pioneer4You IPV6X.
0.14ohm Clapton Wire Coil Preinstalled 2mm ID
This is the G4 QUAD coil.
Ignore that the CM 521 displays 0.05Ω, it is actually 0.15 once on the mod.
I have to admit I was a bit surprised with the flavor on this.
As time permits I'll probably do a full review over here;
Didn't see any threads for this RTA and…


Goon RDA vs Twisted messes?

Anybody has experienced both of these? I really need to spend money on RDA im pretty bored eith my collection because I have neither of them. So they're both side airflow, Totally different deck and post design and I know TM deck can fit pretty big builds just like the Goon, The TM is 22mm and there's 24mm version does it compare up to the Goon. I know the price of the Goon is higher but I don't really care we're all builder you know both of these is must have.

3F clones…Petri 24mm RTA

I'm inquiring about the quality of 3fvapes clones.
I want the gold 24mm petri clone because it's brass and gold but can I trust the plating? Can I trust this place at all.
I noticed they painted the 510 on the black one.

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>…-stainless-steel-glass-3ml-24mm-diameter.html

I'm asking here because the VU banner is on the site. I've never had a clone before so I don't know what…

3F clones…Petri 24mm RTA

RTA for 50w iStick


I have only been vaping for about 2 months so I am still figuring out the gear. I have a Herakles non rebuildable tank on my 50w iStick and vape naturally extracted e <a href="”>liquid at 30W. I get 1 day to a half a week out of my coils before I get a nasty burnt taste. I have been soaking nasty coils in alcohol, getting most of the nastiness off the coils with a small screwdriver, blasting them out with water… All with limited success.

I might as well get an RTA and learn how to coil…

RTA for 50w iStick

Original Bachelor or Bachelor Nano

Been taking a serious look at these two tanks because my Merlin has been leaking like a sieve. Looking for a great Single coil tank. Open to any suggestions. Anyone have these 2 tanks and if so how do you like them? Would really be interested in someones opinion if they have one of these tanks and the Merlin.

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Is there an adapter?

Hello, I picked up a reo grand clone to see what it's all about and now I'm having a hard time finding an rda that will work with it. What should I be looking / asking for. Chalice is sold out everywhere and b&m 's near me don't handle bottom fed anything.