Electronic cigarettes make smoking risk free

E Cigarettes or the electronic cigarette is an innovative way for smokers to get their nicotine fix without smoking normal tobacco cigarettes. As they are getting their nicotine, there will not suffer any withdrawal symptoms and also do not need to take the comfort of patches and gum. Besides, since these cigarettes last a long time, they can save money and not watch it go up in smoke quite literally.

So what is an electronic cigarette? It is an unbelievable alternative to smoking and it is proving a boon to many habitual smokers. People who have tried these cigarettes do not want to go back to what they had been smoking earlier. Besides, these cigarettes are available online also and these sites offer regular and deluxe packages at good prices, thus allowing smokers to save. They also describe in details what is offered, how to draw the pure nicotine into the lungs, and also the kind of flavors available with them, that will enhance the pleasure of smoking with non-existent side effects. The feeling remains the same of holding a cigarette in your hand and even taste the flavor that you have begun to love due to the constant smoking.

Best Electronic cigarette make smoking risk free. These are revolutionary products and their advantages far outweigh normal tobacco cigarettes. It reduces health risks to the smokers and those in the vicinity of a smoker as there is no smoke. The acrid and foul odor that one can smell on the hands and mouth of a smoker is totally eliminated. Besides, they are accepted in non-smoking areas also. When you look at an e-cigarette, it looks exactly like a conventional cigarette made from tobacco. It consists of a recyclable aluminum cylinder, a capsule that contains <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid nicotine and a lithium battery that makes it work. Since there is no tobacco, there is nothing to burn and hence this smokeless cigarette does not emit smoke. It however, emits water vapor. Also, no chemicals are added. These chemicals found in normal cigarettes are not inhaled and neither is any second hand chemical let out into the environment by way of the smoke. Therefore, they are much more beneficial than smoking normal cigarettes made of tobacco.

As the nicotine is in the cylinder, the size of the cigarette does not burn down or lessen in size. It can last for a long time. For a person who wants to quit regular smoking, the smokeless cigarette is the best bet. And there are green smoke products that are safe to use, pose no health hazard to yourself and your neighbors and still gives the benefit of smoking a real cigarette. For people who have tried all other methods of giving up smoking, this is the right product to help you. But in all health related cases, consult your physician before beginning smoking electronic cigarettes.

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Quitting is Fun?

I just had another thought.  Quitting smoking is really now fun!  I’ve never let myself even dare to think this.  I am so OCD about smoking and I don’t ever want to go back to it, but I’ve never really allowed myself to think of vaping as fun.  If, in my warped mind, I actually enjoy it, maybe I’ll feel the need to go back to damaging myself.  Intellectually, this makes no sense at all, but somehow it seems risky to get too comfortable, as you never know what’s sneaking up on you.  But after I really enjoyed chatting with people while waiting my turn at the bank, and getting back in the car and happily spying my vaping stuff, and then taking a few enjoyable (not craved) hits I suddenly realized I’m actually having fun and pleasure with this.  If quitting had been this easy years ago, or governments had spent to develop an actually functional quitting device, I’d have quit then.  To quote the ubiquitous McDonald’s, ” I’m lovin’ it”.

Warning Points

Hmmmm.  I notice under my name there is a disclaimer: ’0 Warning Points’.  Everyone else seems to have no mention of warning points at all.  It makes me wonder if everyone else has warning points?  If so, how do I get them to feel like one of the folks?  0 warning points is certainly not congruous with my lackluster High School career, so I wonder what I’m doing wrong, or if I finally matured which would have made my parents totally surprised but happy.   Or maybe I’m just special?  That would be totally suspect :)

Test Complete

On Monday, I went to the bank and there were 42 people ahead of me from the number machine so I did as promised to myself.  I hung out on the sidewalk if front of the bank with my vaping supplies locked in the car and BS’d with the other hanger outers about all kinds of junk.  Mostly how stupidly run the bank is compounded with how stupidly the government runs the banks and everything else, oh yeah and they still don’t know where that airplane is.   Anyway it was amazing, I didn’t even miss it.  Of course we were engaged in lying to each other about how many fish we all caught in our wayward youth etc. and it was very distracting trying to outdo each other.  But I really didn’t think at all about vaping until I finished the banking and saw the stuff in my car about an hour later.  I have no intention of giving up vaping as I enjoy it so much, but I really think I could if it ever became necessary.  The thing is, I’m one of those guys that the more someone says I can’t do something, the more I want it.  But, this really fortifies my personal argument that all the other chemicals in tobacco smoke are far more addictive than admitted.  Nicotine really doesn’t cause me to miss my habit much more that caffeine deprivation makes me miss my coffee. I’m gonna keep trying finite tasks, like walking the dog,  trips, et al and keep seeing how much I ‘crave’ vaping.  I can’t even equate it with the panic of not having cigarettes, it’s a country mile from that. 

I couldn’t believe this..

Hey everyone, I am writing this to see if anyone can help shed some light on something for me. I don’t know if anyone out there is familiar with Cigabuy (cigabuy.com) but I was browsing their website and they have some insanely low prices!
For example, the Vamo V5 they have it listed for $22.26 (www.cigabuy.com/vamo-v5-variable-voltagewattage-mod-apv-px2j2ww-p-3818.html) and I see retailers still selling it for around $50 – $60, a local retailer near me has the V5 listed for $55..
Is it because they’re in China and the quality is different? Is it a clone? Is there a big difference between a clone vs. an original? That’s not all.. Even the Vamo V6 is cheap as hell through them! $36.69 (<a href="http://www.cigabuy.com/vamo-v6-variable-voltagewattage-mod-apv-px2j2ww-p-5611.html” title=”External link” rel=”nofollow external”>http://www.cigabuy.com/vamo-v6-variable-voltagewattage-mod-apv-px2j2ww-p-5611.html) when I’ve seen it listed for $50 to $60 as well.. What really blew my mind was the damn iTaste MVP 2.0, $36.99 (http://www.cigabuy.com/innokin-2600mah-itaste-mvp-iclear-30-kit-apv-px2j2ww-p-1889.html) local retailers are selling that for like $80 around me.. Have I been living under a rock and never knew about this site? Anyone have success using them? Please someone give me the lowdown.. Because I browse their site and my jaw is on the floor from their prices..