How to clean a RDTA tank ?

Hello i have the ijoy rdta limitless and i want to try out a new <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice but i have no idea how to clean the old <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice out of the tank ?

Noisy Cricket W/ Avocado 22mm 0.75 ohm?

Hey guys was just wondering what your thoughts are of my current setup bought it today off a freind.

Im currently only sporting the avocado because it was included in the deal i got off my buddy.

Currently in the market for a Sub Zero or a Kennedy 22mm or perhaps a Tsunami.

But here are some pics tell me what your thoughts are, i know theres alot of do's and dont's with the Cricket and i felt that the 510 was far enough out to put on a hybrid.

Noisy Cricket W/ Avocado 22mm 0.75 ohm?

Limitless RDTA – What Will I Get ?

Hello all,

I know this was discussed at lengths here and I even remember perusing the thread… If I buy a Limitless RDTA Plus, will I get a version with the nubbin of a drip tip or an actual drip tip like what's pictured on all sites? I remember reading people were seeing one thing but receving another. Can anyone recommend a place to get one? The Limitless might be the solution to my dripping and driving so I'd like to pick up a couple but don't want the nubbin.

Sorry I really did…

Limitless RDTA – What Will I Get ?

Bubble wicking method. Need help to reveal it!!!

Hi there bros and sises. I am Dylan.

I live in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our vape community starting to grow for nearly 1 year till now. A lot of thing to learn and share but there still many things hidden before us. And our ppl do not have the nice habit of sharing knowledge. Poor us here.

These days some guys show off some cool wicking method with Pico/Goblin/Serpent Mini/Diablo 2,5ml… that each time they puff there are many small bubbles floating up to the surface….

Bubble wicking method. Need help to reveal it!!!

Ok, ready to go RTA, please advice!

Well, I didn't think I would ever do this, but I am ready.

I am tired of rebuying coils all the time, and I am am bigtime flavor junkie, and am limited what what I am doing.

SO, I am ready to build my own.

So, give me some advice KNOWING:

I want something EASY, I am not a mechanic or electrician here. I want something fairly easy to build.

I want top of the line! I was a tank that I will have for a long time. Right now I have 4 subs, again, tired of switching out frequently and…

Ok, ready to go RTA, please advice!

New Pharaoh 25 RDA

Posted by Heaven Gifts in this contest thread <a href="″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>…-contest-8-18-2016.257600/page-9#post-1305436 (awesome contest if anyone hasn't entered it yet, check it out) Rip Trippers has designed this RDA and it's available for preorder

Any thought's on it? I think it looks like a good idea personally, Like an improved aeronaut. The spring loaded design…

New Pharaoh 25 RDA

Velocity v2 vs tsunami

Hi everyone. I'm very close to buying a dripbox 160 and I wanted to pick up a bottom feed rda. It only takes 22mm rda and I hear great reviews on the velocity v2 clones(because I'm poor).
I have a tsunami(authentic) and I'm not at all impressed with the flavor-love the. Clouds but I want to taste my <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice.
Will I notice a difference in flavor with the v2 over the tsunami? Are there tastier options that still Chuck decent clouds and under 40 bucks?
Any input at all would be appreciated. Thanks!

The Attack of the 25mm Atomizers – AKA Gotta Love Vape Mail

I received three different 25mm RTA's in the last few days along with 8 Samsung 25R's and 8 LG HG2's. Lots of great sales so I stocked up. So far I've only had a chance to build 2 of them (Aromamizer Supreme and Billow V3 Plus). I plan to update this thread with my thoughts as soon as I have a little more time with them. From just the short time I've had them I can say (for me at least) they are a big step forward compared to my 22mm RTA's.

RTA's in question:
1. Aromamizer Supreme – I've…

The Attack of the 25mm Atomizers – AKA Gotta Love Vape Mail

sapor rta (and sapor v2/sapor plus)

well i just saw this on 3fvape. im a big fan of the rda so it got my attention right away. anyone have one yet?

View attachment 57207

edit – now there is a sapor plus, and a sapor v2 in 22 and 25mm options.

the plus appears to be just a sapor with a velocity deck

View attachment 58060

the v2 versions seem to be a plus, with added side airflow (available in 22mm and 25mm)

View attachment 58061

View attachment 58062