Carrying Case?

Anybody know of a good soft case i can carry my big rigs in? looking for something to let me carry my Seven 30 with me without shoving it in my front pocket and risk breaking the Joyetech atomizer that’s so dang expensive. 

the h cigar sting ray black edition review

Ok so my wife got the h cigar black edition sting ray and I must say h cigar went cheap on this one guys I have the h cigar neme and it’s build like my authentic so that’s the quality I was expecting with her mod but no no …. the floating top pin don’t float it more like just sets there idk how it’s making a contact ….in fact half the time it don’t …the switch looks good and is magnetic cool but it sticks alot the threads are ok but not done right the machining is sub par at best all its got going for it is it looks nice very nice I’d almost compare it to my buddy’s death mod it’s so bad

the Mephisto ruined me

Well this is kinda a rant but not a rant at all basically my mephisto by El Diablo has ruined me from anything with out a mass air flow I just can’t do anything anymore lol the kayfun I used to love it’s now like wtf I’m trying to play hooker here to get my vape and even my Tobh is a little 2 low air flow is there anything with this kind of airflow I wanna try it

I’m back.

I never really left just haven’t had time to post. I fell off the wagon a few months ago trying to cope with three deaths in my immediate family. Now I’m holding strong to my decision to vape. Thank you all that have been there to help me through my struggles. So on a lighter note I am pleased to see the vapor talk family has grown. Where are all my old friends at?

Cartomizers…some help yall.

Ok so i have been working with my dad on vaping. He coughed and coughed every time he hit it. I had him a vision spinner with a kpt2 and did tons of diff nic and pg/vg levels. Well Marlboro ( yes marlboro) sent me a coupon for their Markten ecig. Its a little cigalike with the cartomizers. Well its been working! But they are expensive and i do NOT want to support big tobacco at all. So some sites that sell these would be awesome,I’d prefer the ones i fill myself, but either or can work. Idk if there are ones that work better than others. I dont know anything about these things at all. Thanks guys!


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What the Reynolds deal says about e-cig leader blu

What the Reynolds deal says about e-cig leader blu
Also, Blu, like other e-cig companies that sell replaceable nicotine <a href="”>liquid cartridges, are now facing competition from the accelerated growth of so-called open system vaping devices, said Cynthia Cabrera, executive director of the Smoke-Free …

Tobacco smoke, e-cig cartridges pose pet dangers
In addition, the recent surge in the use of electronic cigarettes has raised questions about their effects on pets. The greatest danger is the trash, where dogs can find nicotine cartridges from e-cigarettes, said Rozanski, the Tufts veterinarian. “You …
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Reo mod?

Any of you seen this before? I just came across it and it’s a hell of a good idea! I always carry around an extra batt and bottle and other stuff but getting used to this mod could make my life fairly easier!

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