Need to upgrade but confused about "today’s" E-cigs.

Hi all, It’s been a couple years since I’ve posted here. I started vaping about 5 years ago with a DSE901 and upgraded to the Joye 510 about a year later. About two years ago I started using the ego 650 mah batteries with the Joye 510 atomizers and haven’t felt the need to upgrade until recently. The old 510 atomizers would last me a few months with regular cleaning and the old ego batteries were great for them until recently. These new 510 atomizers seem to be made to die after a few days and the ego batteries have too much safety crap built in to them that limit how much of a “hit” you can get out of them. So, my question is about what most people are using now, since I have been away so long. My brother uses some Kanger ecig that looks like a small baseball bat (too big for me). I tried some of the cartomizers he uses for it and they have given me nothing but trouble, leaking, dying and acting pretty weak with my ego batteries. What do you all recommend?

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ohms question

Posted Today, 06:39 PM
I’m using sterilized cotton balls to make my wicks. I’ve been vaping at 1.7ohm or 1.8ohms and feel like I’m lacking taste. Im using a kanger Pro Tank 3 and am wondering if I go with a lower resistance will I get more flavor? What ohm should I target? What can I do to get more flavor. I’m using 32ga kanthal. Is that recommended? I’m also using a separate uncoiled flavor wick. Please help me!!

Re: E-cigarettes: No smoke, but fiery debate – by: Sarronever

I think that when you have people make claims that they cannot back up yet (Like with Katherine Heigel) you are just drawing more attention to what I believe is a worthwhile cause ​– but the negative type of attention. I think that we just have to accept that we do not know the long-term consequences yet. Maybe not use it in front of babies for example. I think anything else is a bit premature.